Download: How to Apply to Columbia Business School Guide (Updated for 2014-2015)

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Our updated 2014/2015 “How to Apply to Columbia” Guide is the starting point for prospective applicants. This 11-page PDF is available for immediate download and is provided to prospective applicants at no cost.

Download the Columbia Business School Guide >


In the weeks and months immediately following the collapse of the financial markets in the Fall of 2008, there was rampant speculation about how the worst economic meltdown of our times would impact business schools and, specifically, the MBA admissions process.  With many top programs, the changes were subtle and gradual and with more than a few, there were virtually no major differences in the process prior to and after 2008.  Neither of these two descriptions apply to Columbia, where change was immediate, dramatic, and all-encompassing – and continues to this day.  In fact, MBA applicants are unlikely to find more obvious evidence of the new world order than when applying to Columbia Business School.

What does this mean and what does it look like for your candidacy?  In a nutshell, it means that Columbia pays closer attention to your career goals (particularly in the short term) than any other business school … which is saying something considering how carefully most MBA programs are checking out short-term goals.  One might go so far as to call Columbia “paternalistic” in their approach, but at the very least, the school is being extremely cautious about who it admits into the program and is using career services as a sounding board to help determine whether specific career aspirations are achievable with a Columbia MBA.

This intense focus on career feasibility is only one of many peculiarities that make Columbia rather unique.  In many ways, the school is a series of fascinating contradictions.  Known for being a finance powerhouse, Columbia often goes out of its way to broadcast strengths in other areas.  Located in the largest city in American and a stone’s throw from some of the world’s foremost finance experts, the school’s foundation is rapidly becoming an unrivaled international focus.  Actively seeking students who will get involved and foster a sense of community, Columbia remains – both in perception and in actuality – the closest thing to a commuter school that exists among the world’s elite MBA programs.

All of this actually serves to create a wonderful opening for those students who are able to probably identify what matters most to Columbia and then communicate a desire to be part of the school’s transformation, while also showing a nuanced and balanced understanding of both the power and limitation of an MBA as it related to securing a job.

If that sounds intimidating, you can rest easy in knowing that we have created this 10-step approach to applying to Columbia.  The following guide will help you understand all of the key hot button issues and major thematic touch points – as well as critical admissions strategies – that will make or break your prospects for gaining admission to one of the world’s most famous business schools.

Download the Columbia Business School Guide >

Download: How to Apply to Columbia Business School Guide

Download: How to Apply to Columbia Business School Guide

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