4 Egregious Mistakes: What NOT to Do at an MBA Fair

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These four egregious blunders have potential to completely damage your admissions chances. You’re putting in valuable time and money to attend an MBA fair, so make sure you know the “rules” so that you don’t end up losing out.

Beware of the following four transgressions:

1. Asking the obvious. Asking questions whose answers can easily be found on the school’s website is a big MBA fair no-no. You’re there to learn new information about how your target MBA program will work towards helping you achieve your goals – this is where your questions should originate, not from basic info on class profile, job opportunities, and application requirements.

2. Monopolizing the conversation. This mistake really reflects a lack of courtesy, but it seems to be the rule applicants have the most trouble with. So along with the easy ones of no pushing and shoving and cutting in line, add “No monopolizing the conversation.” Be respectful of other people and their desire to speak with school representatives.

3. Being arrogant. Related, don’t be arrogant! For example, just because you have a high GMAT score, that doesn’t mean you’re entitled to automatic attention. The same goes for those of you who think you get conversation dibs simply because you’re rich (or poor for that matter), graduated top of your class at Princeton, or are from Timbuktu.

4. Treating reps poorly. School reps can tell when you respect them and when you view them as inferiors to the “higher ups” you wish you were speaking to. Don’t be condescending. Just don’t.

These fairs can provide a competitive environment. How you react to that can be very revealing as to how you’ll behave in a classroom, and then later on, in a job interview where you’ll be reflecting your MBA program. If you’re thinking “Common courtesy goes a long way,” you’re right! Just it’s not always so common.

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