GMAT Question of the Day (June 12): Counting and Critical Reasoning

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Math (PS)

How many three-digit integers are not divisible by 3 ?

(A) 599
(B) 600
(C) 601
(D) 602
(E) 603

Question Discussion & Explanation
Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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Verbal (CR)

Analyst: The pace of technological development brings a constant stream of new devices to the market, and many of them enjoy commercial success. But announcing new technology too soon after the introduction of a successful device can backfire. Once consumers hear about the new device, they may stop buying the one currently on sale. So, if a company wishes to announce the upcoming sale of a new device, it should wait until purchases of the old device have begun to decline.

Which of the following, if true, would best support the analyst's main assertion?

(A) New technology often becomes less expensive after an initial surge in sales.
(B) Media outlets, such as television programs and magazines, often report on the planned introduction of new devices while the sales of old devices are still strong.
(C) Many consumers are unable to determine whether new technology is superior to current technology.
(D) Surveys have shown that some consumers make only one or two technology purchases per year, whereas others make more frequent purchases.
(E) Consumers tend to be loyal to technology companies whose products they enjoy using.

Question Discussion & Explanation
Correct Answer - B - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer)

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