MBA Essay Writing Guide, Expert Advice from Rough to Final

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Things that are easier than writing an MBA essay:

  1. Getting a cavity filled
  2. Parallel parking in Times Square
  3. Solving this Rubik’s cube
  4. Getting into SpaceCamp for grownups
  5. Pretty much everything else

Writing MBA essays is NOT easy. Trying to lay out your entire career plan in 100 words or less? Might as well try to find an affordable cable provider… amirite??

Don’t worry, we’re here to help. Check out our MBA Essay Writing Guide for all new tips and strategies to help you rock out a technically perfect, emotionally charged, inspirational MBA essay and get you into HBS, Stanford, Columbia, or whatever your dream B-school may be.

Here’s a sneak peek at the gems of wisdom you’ll find in our MBA Essay Writing Guide:

On conquering writer’s block:

Write out your stories in a bulleted list of all your greatest achievements and most fun, wild stories in everything you have done, from work to academics, to community service. Two or three sentences per story; just the essence. If you get stuck, chat it over with people – a boyfriend, girlfriend, a mom, a colleague or boss, over a beer or coffee. They might remember things you have forgotten.

On the biggest essay writing mistakes to avoid:

Not having a destination for where you want the Admissions Committee reader to arrive is a recipe for mediocrity. This means you should have a conscious agenda for what you want the reader to come away with, like: “This woman can make lemon-aid out of lemons, leap tall buildings in a single bound, and she is going to make herself rich while ridding the world of disease – wow, she could make our school famous!”

On what you MUST do when writing your MBA essay:

Don’t be afraid to employ a little creativity. Too often, people respond like it’s a Q&A Interview, repeating the prompt verbatim in their answer. What better way to SHOW that you can indeed “think outside the box” than by playing around with your essay structure, employing imagery, anecdotes, and even a dash of humor. But perhaps the true lesson is: START EARLY. Hard to be creative and experiment with essay ideas when you’re under the gun.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get behind the wheel and get yourself to an MBA. You drive, we’ll guide.

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