The Facts About Financial Services

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Financial ServicesFinance is the most popular career destination for business school graduates according to GMAC’s recent Prospective Applicant Survey. In fact 37% of all MBA wannabes also “wannabe” in financial service when they graduate. If you are one of those 37% or if you are planning a different route to the concrete canyons of Wall Street and the cadres of savvy spreadsheet whizes, this is your lucky episode.

Listen to the recording of our conversation with Arkady Libman of Wall Street Prep to learn more about what a job in finance entails and how to land one.

00:02:43 – Letting future investment bankers know what investment banking is all about: The origins of Wall Street Prep.

00:05:46 – The skills that employers on Wall Street want to see.

00:09:21 – Who should NOT seek a job in finance.

00:11:21 – One piece of advice (sort of) for someone considering a career on Wall Street.

00:15:57 – Different degrees and the positions they lead to.

00:18:52 – Will young analysts continue to put up with the long hours of investment banking?

00:26:55 – Wall Street’s recovery from the Great Recession: Are we there yet?

00:28:06 – The Wall Street Prep approach.

00:30:20 – About Wall Street interviews and how to prepare for them.

00:33:38 – Arkady’s advice for students aiming for financial careers.

00:37:25 – Excellent advice for business school applicants.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more!*Theme music is courtesy of

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