Introducing Johnson at Cornell University’s New LinkedIn-Enhanced MBA Application

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CornellAccording to an Inside Higher Ed article, “LinkedIn to M.B.A. Admissions,” Cornell Johnson MBA applicants can now fill out parts of their application with information drawn from their LinkedIn profiles. Cornell officials say they are breaking ground with this system of incorporating LI features into their application process.

While using LinkedIn isn’t required for admissions, applicants may find this feature helpful, enabling them to fill out their application faster. When applying with the LI-enhanced feature, students must give Cornell access to their entire LinkedIn profile; they don’t apply directly from LI, but rather from the Cornell-hosted application system.

This application should further encourage applicants to maintain a LinkedIn profile in tip-top condition that’s accurate and consistent with their resumes and the other elements that they’ll be presenting to the admissions committee. Now, Cornell adcom won’t just sometimes glance at LI profiles of applicants as they were accustomed to doing previously, but will make LI profiles a mainstay of the application, at least for those who decide to apply using this method.

The LI-enhanced application was launched on July 1st for Cornell Johnson, after a test run in May for the university’s Cornell Tech program. Officials maintain that the new application offers much more insight into the applicants, enabling adcom to view the students as employers and recruiters view them.

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