New Businessweek MBA Rankings & How They Work

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Ranking pictureBusinessweek released their 2014 MBA rankings this morning and there are quite a few surprises in the ranks. Some moved up. Some moved down. Some disappeared. Businessweek claims a lot of this can be explained to their change in the survey process / questions. Then again, rankings are more art than science anyway to explaining some of these moves is ridiculous in the first place. But, that said, some programs deserve a lot of recognition for bursting through the rankings and placing in the coveted top spots!

So first off, what changed in the methodology? Because to understand the rankings, you need to understand how they came about. The overall weightage didn't change. It's still 45% student, 45% recruiter, 10% intellectual capital. But within each of these buckets, Businessweek made some changes:

Student Component: the survey was shorter and more direct. Phrasing became less ambiguous. It also added in questions about culture previously excluded (e.g. women, LGBTQ, economic diversity, etc.)

Employer Component: It's no hidden fact that the BW survey REALLY takes into account what employers say. BW didn't do a lot here in terms of changing up what employers saw, but they did a lot on the backend in terms of the algorithm. They discounted bias, better indexed respondents, etc.  Overall, it was a bit broader in reach.

Intellectual Capital: Not exactly the most influential component to begin with, BW this time around limited their search to tenure / tenure-track faculty only. Yeah, we're as shaken up about this component as you are. Eh.

So who were the movers and shakers of note? (For a full ranking list, visit our site on MBA Rankings & How They Work)

1) Duke rocketed up to the #1 spot, displacing some pretty well known names!

2) Wharton and Booth take the remaining top 3 slots

3) Yale was another rising star jumping to #6 from #21 - we've said it for a long time, we like Yale!

4) Harvard plummeted from #2 to #8 as did Darden from #10 to #20

There you have it folks - BW shook up the MBA world a bit today! If you're planning on applying to bschool, you need to start with our free, detailed school profiles. They'll tell you what sets these programs apart.

And if you're serious about getting into one of these top programs, then that journey starts by talking to us - so sign up for a free consultation today and let's get this show on the road.

Good luck!

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