The Scoop on the London Business School Masters in Management Program

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Insights into London Business SchoolCome on over and listen in to the informative conversation between Linda Abraham and Jamie Wright, Senior Recruitment and Admissions Manager for the London Business School Masters in Management program.

Check out the full recording for a candid look at a fantastic option for college seniors and new college grads interested in careers in business.

00:02:35 – The background of the Masters in Management (MiM) Degree.

00:05:15 – One year MiM at London Business School: What is it?

00:08:04 – How is the MiM different than an MBA?

00:09:30 – The Global MiM! Exciting opportunity for anyone interested in Asian companies.

00:10:40 – Is the MiM for you? If you want a career in business, it may very well be.

00:12:38 – 'Soft skills'. Have them?

00:14:23 – Job placement with a MiM.

00:15:41 – Incubator Program - Alumni students with well developed business plans welcome!

17:00:00 – Average salary for a MiM graduate.

19:04:00 – Post-MiM: Is there a need for an MBA?

21:41:00 – Incubator success story. MiM graduates coming full circle.

24:50:00 – MiM vs LBS MBA's- Does age and experience set them apart?

29:01:00 - How can one get in to the MiM program?

29:20:00 – Besides grades, what else does LBS look for in an MiM applicant?

33:04:00 - Is business experience necessary? The answer may surprise you!

32:44:00 - Anyone interested in the Mim, speak to current students or alumni to give you that real perspective.

Listen to the full conversation to learn more!
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