Pop Quiz: How Should You Prepare for the GMAT?

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dominatetheGMATwebinarTrue or False? Some people are natural test-takers who won’t need to study at all and who will still ace the GMAT.

FALSE! Even the smartest among us still needs to prepare for something as difficult and weighty as the GMAT.

The more focused prep you do using reliable sources, the greater your chances are of walking in on test day and taking the GMAT by storm.

I am truly excited to introduce you to Brett Ethridge, Founder of Dominate the GMAT, at our upcoming live webinar, Your 3-Part Game Plan to Dominate the GMAT. During the webinar, Brett will help you create an actionable plan for prepping for and taking the GMAT confidently and successfully.

The webinar will start this Wednesday (Wednesday, Feb. 11th) promptly at 10:00 AM PST/1:00 PM EST. Reserve your spot for Your 3-Part Game Plan to Dominate the GMAT now!

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