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MBA Personal Branding Roundup

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Here at EXPARTUS, we have built our entire MBA admissions philosophy around one concept.

Personal branding.


Because, when we served on the MBA admissions board at Harvard Business School, we noticed something.

The most successful MBA applicants were the ones whose MBA applications presented a clear, cohesive and compelling brand.

We came to believe in personal branding so much, in fact, that we built our business around it, helping MBA applicants develop their personal brands, and, as a result, maximize their chances for MBA admission.

For an overview of the EXPARTUS personal branding philosophy, check out this round up of our blog posts on MBA personal branding, explaining our strategies for developing and presenting your very best personal brand.


Personal Branding Strategies

Personal Brand: Five Reasons Why It’s Crucial for Your MBA Application

Personal branding is not just a buzzword. It is a critical differentiator. This blog post explores what personal branding is and why it matters for MBA applicants, listing five key goals that personal branding helps you to achieve. Read more.

Why Top MBA Programs Are Fighting Over Self-Aware MBA Applicants

Every year, there are applicants that top MBA programs fight over, often with lucrative scholarship offers. So, who are these applicants? What makes them so desirable? Sure, they have great GMAT scores and resumes. But often, they have something more, something intangible. The best MBA applicants are self-aware, conscious of their strengths, their weaknesses and their goals. Read more.


Four Keys to Successful Personal Branding

This post outlines the essential building blocks of the journey that we encourage every EXPARTUS client to embark on. You’ll learn the value of true self-assessment – something no MBA applicant should ever be without – and how to build that self-knowledge into a compelling personal brand. Read more.

Living Your Life with Greater Passion for Stronger Personal Branding

In this post, EXPARTUS’ CEO, Chioma Isiadinso, discusses the importance of finding your passion in life, an endeavor that takes time, effort and patience. Business school is great, but it will not fulfill every area of your life – only you can determine what truly gives you joy. Read more. 

MBA Admissions Strategy: Introspection in an Extroverted World

Today’s world, built around a sharing economy, is perhaps as extroverted as we have been at any point in time. In such an externally-focused culture, it can be difficult to tune out the noise and focus on self-reflection and personal development. Yet, doing so can be the best way of grounding oneself in a fast-paced world. Read more.


The Medium is the Message

Determining what you are trying to convey about yourself is only half the battle. How you convey is what truly matters, as you work to get a specific message across to your audience. Learn more about how to live out your personal brand. Read more.

A View from the Inside

Reflecting on her time as an MBA admissions board member at HBS, EXPARTUS’ CEO, Chioma Isiadinso, explains what makes MBA applicants stand out, what can trip up top applicants, and what made her realize the importance of strong personal branding for MBA applicants. Read more.

Learning by Example

Top MBA Programs Build Brands to Remain Competitive in MBA Admissions 

Top MBA programs have to cultivate a brand too. After all, they are competing with each other for the best and the brightest applicants. MBA applicants can learn a lot about personal branding from the way top business schools communicate their brand. Read more.


Three Successful Brands and What MBA Applicants Can Learn from Them

What can brands like Apple and Google teach us about personal branding? How can the most successful consumer brands model the kind of branding techniques that will take an MBA application from average to exceptional? Read more.


Personal Branding 101: Learning from Top Super Bowl Commercials

If anyone knows the power of branding, it is the marketing executives who pay millions of dollars for a few seconds on television during the Super Bowl, the culmination of America’s football season. This post explores the best and worst of Super Bowl advertising to derive personal branding lessons for future MBAs. Read more.

Personal Branding Gone Bad: Learning from Donald Sterling

The story of Donald Sterling, former owner of the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team, is an extreme example of the toxic effect a negative personal brand can have on your career. With repeated, seemingly innocuous actions, Mr. Sterling built up a lifetime brand of bigotry and racism. From this extreme example, you can learn how to achieve the opposite effect – building a brand of integrity. Read more.

Case Study: Caucasian Female Working in Fashion Industry

This MBA applicant had a lot going for her but needed a great personal brand to pull it all together. This blog post examines how an EXPARTUS consultant worked with her to identify essential brand themes and communicate them in her MBA application. Read more.

Case Study: English Banker    

See how EXPARTUS helped one MBA applicant write compelling MBA essays and leverage a successful banking career in London to gain acceptance to Harvard Business School. Read more.

Case Study: Asian-American in Marketing and Advertising

This candidate came from a less traditional MBA background and was worried about competing with MBA applicants more seasoned in finance and consulting. See how EXPARTUS helped turn that nontraditional background into an asset with a great personal brand. Read more.

Case Study: African Chemical Engineer in Pharmaceutical Industry

This applicant needed some help boosting his extracurricular involvement and showcasing his leadership, both very important qualities in elite MBA admissions. EXPARTUS worked with him to identify his passions and values and use those to highlight significant leadership experiences. Read more.



We firmly believe that personal branding is extremely valuable, not just for MBA admissions, but for the pursuit of genuine and fulfilling success.

You will be happiest and most successful when you are truly living out your passions and values, and the personal branding process can help you determine how to match your career trajectory with those traits.

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