How To Stand Out As An IT Applicant: 3 Tips

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We know you’re unique, but when it comes to applying to top b-schools, IT professionals are a dime a dozen. So how do you transform your status as Super Smart Techie Applicant #4221 into…well...something more than just that?

Here's how:

1. Highlight your non-techie strengths. It will take one quick glance at your resume for the adcom to know that you have top-notch analytic abilities. They may not, however, know that you’re also a fantastic leader who cares tremendously about personal growth; so make sure you tell them that you started a juggling club on campus and organized a Jugglers-on-Wheels program at your local children’s hospital, or that you led a 12-person team on an important project at work, and hit goals well beyond expectations. Your resume may also leave out the fact that in your spare time you teach guitar at an assisted living facility; so make sure to mention that as well. You are a multifaceted individual. Your techie-ness is just one of the many wonderful aspects of who you are – embrace and share your other elements as well.

2. Be proud of your strengths. Yes, you want to highlight that you are more than just an IT techie, but that certainly shouldn’t be at the expense of techie pride! You have impressive skills, stats, and experiences – make sure that you don’t neglect those when singing praises of your other strengths.

3. Share your unique goals. Not all IT professionals are headed in the same direction, so make sure you include as much detail as possible in your MBA goals essay. Discuss your goal position (industry and function), as well as timeframe (in the next year? Five years? Ten years?), location (in your home country? Abroad?), etc. Don’t just say that you want to transition into consulting; instead, explain how in the next five years you see yourself working as a senior technology consultant at a U.S. (west coast probably) media and communications firm.

Most importantly, stay positive! With the right advice, some creativity, and with a focused eye on the prize, you’ll have no trouble convincing adcom at all the top schools that you’re an IT techie like none other before – a total standout, a total catch.

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