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UT McCombs Now Allows LinkedIn Recommendations 0

For more about UT McCombs, check out our McCombs School of Business Zone.Are you applying to UT McCombs? Then you’ll want to read about this important new twist on the recommendation requirement. Starting with the current application cycle, applicants to UT McCombs will have two options when it comes to submitting letters of recommendation:

You can:

1. Send a traditional recommendation request via the school’s admissions management system. You fill out your recommenders name and information, s/he receives an email with the request, writes and submits the recommendation, and then the recommendation appears on your application.

2. Use the LinkedIn recommendation function. You will provide the admissions team access to your LinkedIn profile where they’ll be able to review your recommendation.

Why Provide Both Options?

According to Stephen Sweeney, Senior Associate Director of MBA Admissions at UT McCombs, the idea behind offering these two options is to emphasize the program’s focus on flexibility and customization. (The flexibility doesn’t stop at the recommendations; there are other options available throughout the McCombs application, including a choice in how to submit Essay 1.)

In his post on the McCombs blog, Sweeney stresses that “the Admissions Committee does not prefer one option over the other. The most important part of a recommendation is the actual substance of the recommendation.”

He continues to explain why recommendations are so important to him as an admissions officer. Here’s what he says:

“You’ve worked hard over the past few years and have earned praise, but why must you have to ask for it, and in writing? Well, the answer is easy: as an Admissions Officer, I need perspective on your business acumen, your personality, and your leadership and teamwork skills to confirm your claims of awesome-ness from someone other than yourself. Think about it: You have complete control over every aspect of your MBA application, except for the recommendation. You’ve already written essays, submitted a resume and transcripts, took your tests, and you may have also been interviewed. Now it’s time for a 3rd party to weigh-in and offer us a new perspective that will hopefully add depth and value to your overall application.  But most importantly, a good recommendation will provide a CREDIBLE corroboration of your positive attributes.”

Are you looking for advice on how to choose the best recommenders? Check out our MBA Letters of Recommendation 101 page – a wealth of free resources to help you choose the recommenders that will boost your chances of getting ACCEPTED!

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