What will you earn post your US MBA? Find out now!

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Everyone knows that an MBA will change one’s life.

Everyone knows that MBAs are among the most highly paid professionals in the world.

Everyone knows that MBAs offer a wide range of career choices, all of which pay well, and promise the opportunity to change the world.


But you want numbers. You want details. You want something that can tell you what exactly you can expect to take home postan MBA from one of the best Business Schools in the world. Read on to learn 5 things about your post MBA salary:

Conventional wisdom is not always wise. Many think that the only MBAs who earn big bucks after graduation are those who work in Consulting, Investment Banking, Venture Capital and Private Equity. However, there are many fast growing areas of industry which pay a higher base salary - the above professional sectors are just those which have paid high salaries for a long time.

‘Hot’ Industry Sectors pay north of $100,000 per year, within a year of joining. For example, careers in Product Management and Unconventional Energy have a high entry level salary and great opportunities for growth, driven by Silicon Valley investing in cool new apps and environmentally responsible technology. It’s not just the conventionally high paying sectors that offer big bucks any more.

There are calculators to help! For example, this handy tool lets you see salaries by seniority level and industry - use it to find what you can expect to earn just out of an MBA, in addition to the salary growth rate in the 2 and 5 year horizons. Please note that this does not include bonuses, so your actual final salary will probably be 20% higher than these. Additionally, if the GMAC itself puts something out, you can believe that the information is credible.

Use the 75th percentile number in the calculator above. You should always aim high - for one of the top 50 Business Schools in the US, a more accurate number is the 75th salary percentile. In addition, you should add 5% to the salary in the calculator for 2-3 consecutive years, to obtain an accurate picture of your salary at the time of graduation.

In addition to high salaries, MBAs also have access to many other financial benefits. If you’re looking to start up postan MBA, the valuation of your team will increase exponentially; VCs love a high performing Business School grad. For any kind of loan - for any raise at work - you will be first in line. The intangible benefits far outweigh the take home salary - which itself is nothing to scoff at.

The messages are clear: post a top global MBA, the world is your oyster. You can earn huge salaries in pretty much any sector, and expect your pay to increase by more than 20% per year.

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