No Round 1 Interview? How a Ding Analysis Helps for Round 2…

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No Round 1 Interview? How a Ding Analysis Helps for Round 2…

Many candidates who receive unhappy news from HBS in Round 1 wonder if a Ding Analysis from a highly reputable consulting company might be worth the investment as they think about applying elsewhere in Round 2 or re-applying next year. At MBA, we highly encourage the Ding Analysis because the best way to begin preparing a winning MBA application is to fix the problems that existed in your prior application. You must know clearly and precisely what those problems are. Once you know what the problems are, ideally you can identify actionable next-steps to address and correct those problems in order to bring better outcomes in the near future.

What are some of the aspects a Ding Analysis should assess in order to help you identify the weaknesses of your candidacy or application? There are many, and these are some of the more important. A Ding Analysis should consider:

General strength of essay content – strategic view
General strength of essay content – grammatical/writing quality view
Strength of Recommendations
Strength of resume
Strength of application form
Impact of Citizenship
GMAT Score
GPA – Undergraduate
GPA – Graduate (if applicable)
Adequacy of Work Experience Duration
Adequacy of Work Experience Quality
Impact of Age
Impact of Industry – Asset or Negative?
Impact of Current Company – Asset or Negative?
Long-term goal
Short-term goal
Strength of Extracurricular Activities
Impact of Round or Application Timing
Effectiveness in Conveying Personal Story
Effectiveness in Conveying Personal Attributes
Overall Impressions

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