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Click here for Columbia Business School's zone page.Columbia Business School recently announced two major changes: a significant scholarship donation made by Lord Laidlaw and an update to their current application process.

Increase in Financial Aid for Class of 2018

In an effort to share “the power of opportunity” with a new generation of college students, Lord Irvine Laidlaw has donated a substantial $15 million to the newest Scholarship Fund at Columbia Business School, available for the class of 2018. Aside from the large amount of the donation, this scholarship is unique in its terms. Specifically designated as current-use funds, the Laidlaw Scholarship will be gifted to eligible students immediately and for the coming years.

The generous baron has high hopes for his scholarship, with intentions for it to bring more diversity to the college campuses. “I think it’s very important in every community to have a mix of students in backgrounds and genders. I did not want to see Columbia fall behind just because it couldn’t afford to give scholarships to people who need them," Laidlaw says. 

Applicants will be chosen based on both merit and need, and the funds will be distributed evenly amongst approved students. (You can read more about Laidlaw and the new scholarship here.)

Update on CBS's Application Process

The article continued to discuss the status of Columbia Business School’s application process. Having already waded through the entirety of January and Early Decision applications, CBS announced that they would deliver their final decisions before November 25, 2015, exciting news for many applicants awaiting a response.

In addition, standard application approvals have also been set in motion, expecting to send the interview invitations to the chosen applicants sometime at the beginning of December. In terms of numbers, CBS generally interviews approximately 30% of applicants, accepting roughly 18% of the group.

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