6 Steps to Follow After You Receive Your MBA Interview Invite

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Congratulations! You have made it through one colossal hurdle. Follow these 6 steps to best prepare for the next stage in the MBA admissions process:

1. Relax! Take a deep breath. Regardless of which category you fall into, you need to relax. Anxiety will not help you in the interview or for your next step in the process: interview preparation.

2. Review your application and resume. Get to know your application inside and out. Review each detail and ask yourself the question, “What would not have happened, had I not been a member of (fill in the blank) organization?” Ask it again and again and quantify your results. Did you increase revenue? Decrease costs? Be ready to address key decision points in your life and add context to facts provided in the application.

3. Read up on interview advice. Review the Accepted's website for MBA interview tips and read our special report, MBA Interview Prep: How to Ace Your Interviews. Check Beat the GMAT and GMAT Club for school-specific feedback from those who interviewed R1.

4. Research the school. Read the school’s website and speak with students, alumni, and faculty. Think about your desire to attend that school and why you would be a proud alumna of that program. Be prepared to show how you meet the school’s criteria for admission (most schools provide them on their websites).

5. Seek personal assistance. If you need personal assistance, Accepted is always available to help. Check out our interview services, including mock interviews.

6. Schedule your interview. The admissions committee will never get to know how truly wonderful you are unless you schedule that interview! Get it on your calendar and their calendar. If you fly or have to drive a long distance, plan to arrive the day before. Leave time for commuting, getting lost, and parking. Be early.

Congrats again, and good luck at your interview!

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