Monday MBA Resource: Knowledge@Wharton Podcast

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By Adam Hoff, Amerasia Consulting Group

Time for another Monday MBA Resource, where we share the things we are reading, watching, and listening to that might be helpful to people in the MBA community.

Some are more focused on applicants, others are better for students, some for both - but all of them offer great insights that are worth soaking up.

Today's Resource is the Knowledge@Wharton podcast.


Wharton's business journal Knowledge@Wharton puts these on.  The host is Dan Loney, who is a total pro as a broadcaster and does a great job on this.


A podcast that puts up 3-5 episodes a week covering topics that cover a broad range of areas that would be interesting to just about anyone connected to the MBA experience.  They can range from more "skill" or "self-help" type topics (such as "The Right Way to Take Risks - in Business and Life") to more hardcore informational topics ("The Private Equity Outlook in Latin America, India and Africa").  They run about 20-25 minutes in most episodes and are almost always centered around interviews with several guests.  It might be an author with a new book out, a professor wanting to highlight a key issue, or just the podcast reacting to a hot-button issue (such as the EpiPen price scandal).


I'm thinking largely of my clients here, so from that POV I think the biggest benefit is it does two things at the same time: A) broadens your talking points (I work with almost all PE clients, for instance, and I find it helps me to hear about Healthcare, marketing, etc. - I can only imagine how true that would be for an actual client who is inside a myopic industry or company), and B) takes you into little deep dives on hot topics.  It all has a way to moving the brain away from "my life, day to day, what I'm focused on for work and play" and towards the wide-ranging topics and conversations of business school. Could be very helpful in an interview setting and definitely would be a good way to "reprogram" your brain before classes start in year one.


Don't allow these dips into industries and hot topics impact your essay writing.  Readers won't to know about you, what you care about, who molded you, your passions, etc.  They don't want you to dive deep into EpiPens or changing food patterns among buyers.  My only concern in recommending this podcast to b-school applicants is they might lean into an already prevalent tendency to wax poetic about industries and business problems, rather than talk about themselves.  So don't do that!


How Millennial Consumers Will Transform Healthcare


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