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Kellogg Shares 10 Ways to Strengthen Your MBA Application

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strengthen your candidacy

If you’re planning to apply to business school in the fall, you’re probably strategizing how you can create the strongest application possible. One of the biggest mistakes we see applicants make is assuming that the surest route to business school admission is playing it safe and doing what it seems like “everyone else” does. Not so!

“When submitting your materials for consideration, ensure that your total application, including the interview, reflects your authentic story,” urges the admissions team at Kellogg School of Management. “Above all else, be thoughtful, be honest and be yourself.”

Kellogg recently shared 10 ways to strengthen your MBA application, and we think their advice for identifying key focus areas holds true no matter where you apply.

Take a look at these excerpts:

Prepare a well-rounded application to convey intellectual ability and creativity.

Our goal is to ensure that you can handle the rigor in the Kellogg classroom. Your undergraduate GPA, course selection and GMAT score help us assess your readiness. But we’re also invested in finding creative thinkers who can solve problems. Qualitative evidence of intellectual ability is going to come out in your essays, your interview and your recommendations. We truly take a holistic look at our applicants rather than only relying on a number.

Highlight the quality of your professional experience, regardless of where you are in your career, to distinguish your application.

The Kellogg experience is enriched by the diversity of our student body, both personally and professionally. We admit applicants from a variety of fields, with varying years of experience. We also consider each applicant within the context of his or her own career path, rather than against each other. Be sure to include your resume and details to help us understand what the career advancement standards are within your industry and your particular company or organization.

Share how you have made an impact on the world around you.

Passion and engagement are universal features within the Kellogg community, and there are a lot of ways to show us that you’re the type of person who makes a difference, whether inside your workplace or through activities outside of the office.

Click on over to the Kellogg blog to read the other seven tips, and remember: no two people are the same, and that’s a good thing! The key to a successful MBA application is showing exactly what you—and nobody else but you—can bring to the program. So please don’t be afraid to let your originality and your true personality come through in your materials.


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