Math Revolution Free Diagnostic Test ($19 worth)

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Math Revolution’s unbeatable diagnostic test! Evaluate your exact math skills now!

You cannot discover your true math skills if you just practice CAT based test sets from other sources. GMAT Math has to be strategic, selective and focused. After knowing your exact math skills, it is most efficient to study in your current level with customized solutions to get the highest score you are targeting.You can test up to twice in 1 month
Our Price : $19 (But, we offer it for free until further notice)

What we offer :

(1) We diagnose your skills more accurately by having more questions than any other company (with total 73 questions).

(2) We diagnose your skills and provide solutions in the most diverse way.

• Sort by DS / PS

• Sort by difficulty level (Basic, Medium, and Hard)

• Sort by question type (Arithmetic, Algebra, Geometry, Word problem)

• Sort by 15 chapters (integer, inequality, absolute value, probability, geometry, statistics, integer, ratio, speed rate, work     rate, function, sequence, proportion, equation, exponent)

(3) We perform an absolute evaluation to evaluate your abilities most objectively.

(4) We proceed with problems that are most similar to the actual exam

(5) Based on the percentage of correct answers by total and difficulty level, we provide the best estimated test score.

(6) Because there are questions from all difficulty levels (from 30 points to 51 questions), you can identify your exact weak  points.

(7) Suggest detailed and accurate diagnosis result that corresponds to 10 pages

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