MiM and MBA Communities: Insights from LBS Graduate

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You may remember Mikhail Lizanets - London Business School graduate, fascinating entrepreneur and MBA Strategy client. Here is the second part of his story, including valuable tips and insights.

Master in Management Program: Specifics

An ideal candidate for Master in Management program is a recent graduate, who completed one or two internships and has a clear understanding that he or she wants to be engaged with business activities. If you aspire to join JP Morgan, being proficient in finance, but having an unimpressive CV to be hired or even invited to an interview, MiM is a great transition option. Such program would also be useful for those who need more international experience, want to go beyond the usual and implement an innovative business idea in one’s home country.

It is considered that such programs have about 3% of students with linguistic or arts background. Next, among the 150 people in my class, about 40 of them were British, and other had come from all parts of the Earth: the USA, Japan, China, Pakistan, Brazil, Germany, France… and so on. Their backgrounds were diverse as well: a surfer, a mathematician, IT guys, sociologists – I mean, very, very diverse.
By the way, I have to mention the changes caused by Brexit: it will be definitely harder to find a job in the UK for those, who are going to apply to Master’s program this year. Moreover, before one could stay in the country for two years after graduation in pursuit of decent employment, and today it is not allowed. I mean, if you don’t have a job offer right after graduation, you will have to go home immediately.

MBA Community

LBS is a huge community since the school offers an impressive portfolio of programs: Master in Management, MBA, Executive MBA and many others. Students and alumni actively communicate with each other, for instance, I got some help with software. There was a working forum, where everyone could ask for a piece of advice. Sometimes I receive e-mails like “Please advise an oil well professional in Sudan” – of course, someone from the community is always ready to answer. I also asked questions several times, and I was provided with the highest level of support and in-depth expertise in the required field.

Here I need to mention that Master in Management is created for younger people, who have just started building their careers. MBA is for those who are more mature, hold middle or senior positions or running their own businesses. MBA candidates have more chances to get their return on investments after graduation, whereas my peers, although being quite successful in their initiatives, had not reached the same level yet. Nevertheless, in five-ten years this will be probably changed.

Regarding the community, alumni meetings in Ukraine are held regularly, and I try to attend most of them. It is always much fun! I was also invited to my peers’ weddings, and we frequently arrange some things to do together. Besides, I have friends in Germany, France, and Latvia: thus, one of my friends from Germany is coming to Kyiv tomorrow, and we are planning a great evening together!

Top Tips for Applicants

When it comes to preparations, one should remember that there is no better tool than self-discipline and hard work. Even a mediocre person is capable of passing the GMAT if allocating enough time and effort. You have to sit down, scrutinize the tasks, try to pass the test several times, and I am sure that this will lead to a sufficient score.

As for self-positioning, the crucial thing is to be yourself – this is what you are always told by business schools throughout the application period. Keep in mind that such programs are not for everyone and I remember two guys from my class who left, feeling themselves not the right fit at all. You should be purposeful and understand what you want to get from the program, making sure that this would lead you to achieving your ultimate goals. With this in mind, being honest with yourself and Admissions Committees, you will hit the target easily.


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