Which Round Should I Apply to Business School?

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Which round should I apply to b-school?

Most business school adcom members will advise that submitting a great application in the second round is far better than submitting a mediocre application in the first round.

But what happens when you didn't manage to submit in either Round 1 or Round 2? Business school applicants in this category wonder: “When should I apply to business school? Should I apply Round 3 or just wait till next year?"

That was my short answer. For a more in-depth analysis of the Round 3 vs. next year application debate, join our live, free webinar where I will address the differences between Round 3 and earlier rounds, the pros and cons of applying R3, and help you answer the million-dollar-question of when you should apply to business school.

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Round 3 vs Next Year Webinar

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