5 Key Elements for Your Executive MBA Application

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Each Executive MBA program is different. And each applicant is different. But nearly every program will require every applicant to exhibit these 5 key elements in their applications. Let’s see what you need to cover in your application in order to get accepted.

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Ok. You’ve decided that to really move your career forward you need to get an Executive MBA. And not just from any program, but from one of the best EMBA programs in the world. Great idea.

But you know the competition is impressive. Plus you have to complete the applications - and you haven’t completed a college application since… well, since a long time ago, and you don’t have tons of free time.

You’re stressed because you’re not sure how to proceed and you have a lot on your plate. Plus, given what you’ve accomplished and where you want to go professionally, it just seems ridiculous that an application hoop could prevent your acceptance.

But it could. If you are applying to top Executive MBA programs, your fears are justified. You are planning to invest a lot of money to take on another significant responsibility. But first you have to get into a top EMBA program to make the whole experience worthwhile.

Based on my 20+ years as CEO of Accepted, the leading MBA admissions consultancy, and on having former EMBA admissions directors on staff, and on my own numerous meetings and interviews with directors and admissions directors of different EMBA programs including Columbia, MIT, Wharton, and Yale, I'm going to tell you the 5 key elements of a successful EMBA application.

Include these 5 elements in your application and interview, and you are well on your way to acceptance at a top EMBA program.

1. Evidence that you can do the academic work.

A combination of grades, test scores (be it the GMAT, GRE, or GMAC's new Exec Assessment), and/ or work experience must demonstrate to the adcom the confidence that you have the academic ability to succeed.

2. A goal that requires an Executive MBA from this program.

Show that your goal is achievable, and also shows ambition. Are you likely to move into senior management from middle management roles? To run your own business?

3. Ability and willingness to contribute distinctively.

Do your work and non-professional roles give you the rich experience that will make your contributions valuable? Does your resume show that you have the analytical ability and habits that make you a contributor? HINT: Show them you’ve made a difference in the past.

4. Fit with the program.

Demonstrate fit in terms of your values vis-à-vis the program's criteria and mission. Most EMBA programs want to see material leadership experience and some management already.

5. A plan for handling a part-time graduate program.

Show you can handle your coursework on top of your full-time work, family, and other commitments.

You’ve just gotten an overview of the 5 necessary ingredients in almost all top EMBA applications, but more in-depth guidance would sure help. Here's how you can get it.

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