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Next Year Starts Now: A New Webinar Series for 2019–2020 MBA Applicants!

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Are you planning to apply to business school in 2019–2020? It is not too early to start preparing for your applications, and we can help! The leaders in the MBA admissions space—mbaMission and Manhattan Prep—are coming together to make sure you will be ready for next year’s MBA admissions season. Join us for a free, three-part webinar series called “Next Year Starts Now.” During this brand-new event series, Senior Consultants from mbaMission will address and explain different significant admissions components and provide a checklist for successful long-term planning, while experts from Manhattan Prep will help you tackle some of the toughest challenges GMAT and GRE test takers face, offering valuable insight and advice.

Please sign up for each session separately via the links below. Space is limited!

Part One: The GMAT vs. GRE and Setting a Goal Score (October 16)

Taking the GMAT or GRE exam is a crucial part of your application to business school. Nearly every top MBA program will accept either one—so, which one should you take? Join us to learn the differences between these exams, how schools feel about them, and which one is right for you. We will also discuss how you should be setting a goal score for either exam based on your goals and target MBA programs.

Part Two: How to Get a Top Score on the GMAT/GRE (October 18)

How do you get a “Harvard-level” GMAT or GRE score? What level of difficulty should you be prepared to face? Join Manhattan Prep’s expert GMAT and GRE instructors to see the toughest content on both tests and strategies for succeeding at these levels.

Part Three: Long-Term Planning for Your MBA Applications (October 23)

It is not too early to start planning! By taking action now, you can dramatically improve your chances of gaining admission to a top MBA program in the coming years. Indeed, it is never too soon (and certainly not too late) to take several crucial steps to shape your MBA candidacy.

These live webinars will run from 8:30 to 10:00 p.m. EDT. Attendees of each event will receive access to a checklist of takeaways and to-dos so you can put what you learned into action.

Do not miss this chance to start your MBA journey early so that you are prepared to submit your most compelling application next year. Enroll for free today!