Learn How to Answer Columbia Business School’s First Essay Question

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Are you looking for expert tips on how to approach Columbia Business School’s first essay? Learn what the 5 components to a successful CBS essay are and what you need to do to ensure that your application essay checks off each one. View this short video for more information.

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Are you struggling with Columbia's first essay?

My name is Michelle Stockman and I've been a consultant with Accepted for over 11 years.

Consider this as an effective approach to the first essay.

Here's what they ask:

“We can get a sense of your professional experience and accomplishments from your resume. Tell us about your short-term goals and what would be your long-term dream job?”

The 5 Parts of the CBS Essay

This essay, I found, can be split into five parts.

  1. Start with an introduction

    This is where you want to grab the admissions committee's attention. You can do that by asking a big question like: “What if this milestone could be reached in my industry?”

  2. Establish yourself as an expert who can execute

    You can do that by relating a brief example that shows when stakeholders gave you their time, their money, or other people, to make your idea become reality.

  3. Discuss your short-term goal

    Be specific by naming a specific position at, perhaps, a couple specific companies in a specific industry that you'd like to go into after you complete your MBA.

  4. Discuss your long-term goal

    This is where you want to show the admissions committee how your ambitions can soar. But it really should have a bridge to your past.

  5. End with a conclusion

    Perhaps right now you're working on networking with people who already trying to figure out the solution to that big problem that you mentioned in your first paragraph. Then the fifth paragraph, or fifth section, should be your conclusion and should tie in Columbia.

Be Columbia-Centric

You can mention a couple specific aspects of Columbia that would help you reach this goal. And then this is a great launch which asks you how you plan to take advantage of Columbia's location in New York City, "the very center of business."

Work with an Accepted Advisor to Get Accepted to CBS

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