Can You Get Accepted to B-School in Round 3?

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Maybe you applied to business school in Round 1 and didn’t get accepted, and now you’re thinking about targeting some schools in Round 3 where your stats are more competitive.

Maybe you got busy or overwhelmed at work and your plans were foiled to submit your application during Round 1 or 2, and you’re thinking about getting it done now.

Whatever the reason, you’re probably wondering: Does it make more sense to apply in Round 3 or wait until next year?

There’s no one answer to that question because it depends on your unique profile and situation. But we can help you analyze your situation from our perspective, based on over 20 years of MBA admissions consulting, and give you the tools you need to develop your own winning strategy.

Join Accepted’s founder, Linda Abraham, for our free webinar: Round 3 vs. Next Year: When Should You Apply? during which you’ll learn what it takes to succeed in Round 3 and how to analyze your profile to determine what application timeline makes the most sense for you.

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