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Are you an MBA aspirant? Would you like to know how real students navigated their way through the challenging business school admission process and B school ? If yes, this blog post is for you.

Poonam, CEO and founder of myEssayReview, has interviewed some of her successful students about their application journey and B school experience. The new admits have shared their application experience, background, career objectives, and challenges they faced during the process; the first- and second-year students at some of the top MBA programs ( Kellogg, Ross, and UCLA) have also shared their B school experience as well as advice to the  incoming students . Hope their stories will provide new applicants with fresh insights into the process and help them build effective strategy for their B School application.

Here is a compilation of 7 video interviews along with their transcripts.

1. Indian Engineer- Harvard and Stanford admission: Mansi’s journey to top 5 MBA programs– Part 4

Mansi, a Delhi IIT civil engineer, was accepted into 5 top MBA programs– Kellogg, Wharton, INSEAD, Stanford, and Harvard. Mansi is first year student at her dream school, Harvard.

 In this video interview, Mansi discusses:

  • Goals, Why MBA, and Preference for HBS, 
  • Her Application Strategy, Planning, and Preparation 
  • Her success mantra
  • Her advice on video essays

2. A Re-applicant’s Journey to 5 Good MBA Programs– 3 with Generous Scholarships

Nithish, a re-applicant with a degree in mechanical engineering, was accepted into 5 good MBA programs- McCombs, UNC Kenan Flagler, Kelley, Mays, and Rice, three with substantial scholarships.

In this video interview, Nithish talks about:

  • His background,
  • Planning for MBA, Planning for GMAT
  • Planning for GMAT
  • Career Goals,
  • Why RICE is the best ‘fit’ for him

3. Kellogg MBA Experience- Second Year Student shares his Experience– Part 2

Eduardo Silva, a Brazilian candidate with a Bachelor’s degree in business administration, received admit offers from UCLA, Yale, and Kellogg with substantial scholarships (Kellogg:70K Donald Jacobs scholarship, Yale SOM:  20k scholarship, UCLA Anderson:  70k scholarship). He chose Kellogg.

In a candid video interview, Eduardo Silva shares the following:

  • His background and career goals
  • His application experience, most challenging part of the application process
  •  His amazing experiences at Kellogg that transformed him
  • His advice to incoming students, especially international students about career goals, involvement in campus events and recruitment process

4. Michigan Ross MBA Experience- A First Year Student shares his Experience

Pablo,  Chilean candidate with a  degree in industrial engineering, was accepted into full time MBA program of Michigan Ross with 100% scholarship.

 In a video conversation, Pablo, shares the following:

  • His application experience,
  • the challenges he faced during the process,
  • his amazing experiences at Ross,
  • his valuable advice for the prospective applicants regarding application process, goals, campus life, and recruitment

5. UCLA Anderson Part-Time MBA Advice from a Current Student- Part II

With a non- competitive GMAT score, Saurav, an Indian mechanical
5engineer,  got accepted into two top part-time MBA programs- UCLA Anderson (FEMBA) and Kellogg ( weekend). He decided in favor of UCLA Anderson.

In a video interview, Saurav, shares the following:

  • His background/ career goals
  • Challenges faced during the application process
  • His preference for UCLA over Kellogg
  •   His advice to applicants regarding application process,  campus life, work life school balance, GMAT score, and networking opportunities
  • B

6.Indian Applicant’s Journey to Oxford & ISB

Arjun, a 30 years old Indian software engineer with 10 years of professional experience, was accepted into 2 top MBA programs– ISB and Oxford Said. Arjun decided in favor of Oxford Said.

In this video interview, Arjun talks about:

  • His background,
  •  Career aspirations,
  • Application strategy, Challenges during the application process
  • His insights on the chances of older candidates for MBA programs

7.Indian Engineer- MIM Admit- ESEEC Business School

Prasanth, a software engineer, decided to go for management education after a few internships post undergrad. He was accepted by MIM program of ESSEC business school.

In a video interview, Prasanth talks about:

  • His background,
  •  Career aspirations
  • Application strategy
  • The challenges he faced during the application process,
  • His ‘fit ‘with the MIM program of ESSEC Business School

Since 2011, Poonam, founder and president of myEssayReview ( MER) has helped applicants get accepted into top 20 MBA, programs. Poonam is  one of the top 5 most reviewed consultants on the GMAT Club.

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