Wharton’s MBA Class of 2021 Profile

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The stats
are out on the latest crop of full-time MBA students at University of
Pennsylvania’s Wharton School, the
Class of 2021.

Interestingly, the number of applicants continues to
decline, down to 5,905 from 6,245 last year
– which was itself a drop from 6,692 the year before.

Despite the smaller application pool, admission to Wharton
appears to be just as competitive as ever. The Class of 2021 came in exactly
even with last year’s cohort in terms of average GMAT (732) and average GPA

Those who took the GRE are neck-and-neck with last year’s
students in terms of quantitative score (162), and one point lower on verbal
(162 vs. 163).

Meanwhile, Wharton’s Class of 2021 looks to be more diverse,
with the percentage of women up to 47 and the percentage of US students of
color at 36. Wharton also asked whether students identified as LGBT this year,
with five percent saying they did.

There are 64 countries represented in this year’s incoming
MBA class, with 30 percent of the class being international students.

Overall, students are arriving on campus with anywhere
between zero and 16 years of work experience. The average, like last year, is

Most often that experience comes in consulting, which
accounts for a quarter of the class. Twelve percent are coming from private
equity and venture capital while non-profit, tech and investment banking are
represented by nine percent of students each.

Wharton’s Class of 2021 appears to be just as varied in
their undergraduate majors as their work experience. Forty-three percent
majored in humanities and 30 percent in STEM subjects. The remaining 27 percent
are following up on undergraduate business majors.

Participation in Wharton’s interdisciplinary
remains strong. That includes 15 students in the JD/MBA program,
67 in the MBA/MA international studies degree, and 78 in the health care
management program.

As is usually the case at top business schools, Wharton’s
latest MBA class appears to draw on people with a wide range of interests and

What these people have in common, though, is that they
submitted applications that communicated the unique personal strengths they
would bring to Wharton’s program and thus got the adcom’s attention.

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