Fuqua Announces Program Changes, Including New Accelerated MBA

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Want to turn a Master in Management into an MBA without
starting a two-year degree from scratch? Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business has announced a
new Accelerated MBA program that’ll let you fast-track your way to an MBA in
one year.

The new program comes as part of a series
of changes
that Fuqua is making to its programs. With the new Accelerated
MBA, students holding a Master of
Management Studies
from Duke or a similar degree from other schools will be
exempt from some of the two-year MBA’s core courses.

Fuqua’s senior associate dean, Russ Morgan, cautions
that this program won’t be the right option for all such students. He says that
some might still “opt for the two-year experience because they want to spend
more time with their cohort and they want the ability to intern over the

But others, he says, “believe repeating core coursework in
the two-year program is inefficient, and for these graduates, the accelerated
option will be a better fit.”

The Accelerated MBA’s first cohort will arrive on campus
next summer. Fuqua says that when students apply with Master’s in Management
degrees from non-Duke programs, those programs “will be evaluated for their
comparability to the content and rigor of a Fuqua MMS degree.”

Speaking of the MMS, Fuqua also announced that it is adding
a new technology track to the curriculum, which the school is referring to as
Management Science and Technology Management – or MSTeM if don’t want to have
to say the word “management” that many times in quick succession.

The MMS MSTeM track doesn’t just allow students to pursue
tech-focused coursework. Because it carries a STEM designation from the US
government, it allows international students to work in the US an additional
two years, or three years total, on their student visas.

The program “gives our students a clearer path to employment
in the US if that is their goal,” explained
Fuqua dean Bill Boulding. And it “gives employers assurance they can invest in
hiring our students without having to immediately win the visa lottery.”

Fuqua MMS students can opt for the MSTeM track starting with
this year’s cohort.

Finally, Fuqua announced three areas of thematic emphasis
selected by the faculty for the school’s Daytime MBA program.
These include tech-driven transformation, entrepreneurship, and finding common

Implementing these themes, the school says, will mean
reviewing some of its course offerings and the structure of existing courses,
with changes taking effect for the class arriving on campus in 2020.

For applicants, the Accelerated MBA and MSTeM MMS are the
most significant changes to note. The former offers a new path to a Fuqua MBA
for those with a Master in Management, and the MSTeM program is an option to
consider for those early in their careers with an interest in tech.

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