Booth Releases Stats on Class of 2021

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University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business certainly
seems to be holding its own as a heavyweight MBA program. The school has been
doing well on MBA rankings and topped the
ranking published last week by Forbes.

Which might have you wondering: what kind of stats does it
take to get into a B-school like Booth? Enter the Class of 2021 profile,
newly released by Booth.

In terms of academics, the average student in this year’s
full-time MBA cohort brings a 3.6 GPA and a 730 GMAT. Eighty-seven percent of
admitted students opted to take the GMAT over the GRE.

The typical incoming Booth student is 28 years old, which
has allowed them to gain 5 years of work experience on average.

For 25 percent of students, that experience is in
consulting, and for 21 percent it’s in financial services. The next most
popular industries, non-profit/government and tech, each account for 10 percent
of the class.

As far as demographics, 27 percent of students identify as
US minorities. The class’s gender balance is still fairly skewed, with 60
percent of students being male.

The 31 percent of students coming from outside the US
represent countries from around the world, but most often those countries are
in Asia (13 percent of the total class) or Latin America (11 percent).

For 29 percent of Booth’s new MBA cohort, their MBA will
follow an undergraduate business major, and for 22 percent it will follow an
economics major. Twenty percent of students completed college majors in
engineering, and 15 percent in “liberal arts.”

Along with the class profile, Booth links to a page of student
that gives a more personal feel for who Booth MBA students are,
beyond the stats. It’s clear that Booth, like other top business schools, sees
a key goal of its admissions process as building a diverse class.

For applicants, that underlines the importance of putting
together an application that emphasizes the unique experiences, skills and
strengths that you would bring to an MBA program. And of course, given the
class profile at a school like Booth, you also have to show that you’ll be able
to hold your own.

We can give you feedback on how to accomplish this and how
to create an application that communicates the essence of your personal brand.
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