Wharton Releases 2019 Employment Report

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We know that admissions to a B-school like University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School is competitive. That much can be seen from Wharton’s latest class profile, which came out earlier this fall.

But for those students who do rise to the top of the admissions competition, what kind of job can they expect at the end of their studies? Wharton has released another report with data on that, its 2019 employment report.

Wharton’s data shows that its Class of 2019 was overwhelmingly successful in finding jobs after graduation. Of the 77 percent of graduates seeking employment, 98.5 percent of them received job offers and 93.5 of them accepted offers.

The 23 percent who weren’t seeking employment were most commonly returning to work for a company that had sponsored their studies or starting a business.

Class of 2019 graduates didn’t just find jobs. They tended to find well-compensated jobs too, with a median salary of $150,000. Most commonly, those jobs were in finance, which accounted for 36 percent of employed alums. Consulting was also common, at 25 percent, followed by tech (15 percent).

Wharton provides data on the specific job functions graduates took on as well.

Thirty-two percent of graduates ended up in consulting or strategy roles. The next most common functions were private equity (13 percent) and investment banking (11 percent), followed by product management and general management (each about 6 percent).

In securing these jobs, Wharton alums spread across the country and indeed the world. Most frequently, the Class of 2019 ended up in the Northeast (39 percent) or the West (26 percent), but all regions of the United States were represented.

Moreover, 12 percent of students took jobs in other countries. Most of these were in Asia (7 percent) or Europe (3 percent), but Latin America, Africa, the Middle East and Canada were also destinations for Class of 2019 alums.

Wharton’s report contains a list of companies that hired multiple Wharton graduates, which features names ranging from McKinsey to Google to Goldman Sachs.

Clearly, Wharton graduates remain a hot commodity on the labor market. Of course, that just raises the stakes for admission to top MBA programs like Wharton’s.

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