2 Weeks to Wharton EMBA Deadline (2/5): Success Steps to Still Make It

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The second and last of Wharton's deadlines for the 2019-2020 EMBA admissions cycle is on February 5, 2020 – only two weeks away. We at MBA Admit.com often get emails from candidates questioning whether they can still make that deadline, because they recognize that if they don't get their application in for this final deadline, they must wait until December 2020 to apply for the class entering in the summer of 2021, which means an 18-month delay in starting the Wharton EMBA program!

With the deadline this close, it is still possible to make the deadline, but there are two critical steps you may need to take to be successful:

Recognize Recommendations Can Be Submitted After the Final Deadline:

Some candidates do not realize that Wharton usually allows candidates to have their recommendations come in after the last deadline. If you submit the essays, resume, and rest of the application form by February 5, it is still considered an on-time application.

Recognize Your Interview Can Occur After the Final Deadline:

Wharton prefers that you have your interview before the final deadline, but it interviews plenty of candidates after the final deadline. You should reach out to schedule your interview soon. But, give yourself time to prepare for the interview because you only get one formal interview.

With this wiggle room to undergo your interview after the final deadline and have your recommendations submitted after the formal deadline, it means that your main task is to get your essays, resume, and application form crafted in the next two weeks and submitted on time.

Can you submit the entire application – essays and all – after the final deadline? Yes, but recognize that this does not look good. Wharton often interprets late applications as a sign you decided to apply at the last minute, in a whimsical sort of way, and hence are less serious about undergoing the rigors of their EMBA program. If you are a highly successful professional – say an entrepreneur who has grown his company to $5M in annual revenues, or an executive high up in a market-leading Fortune company – the school may care less about the tardiness. But, in general, you should strive hard to submit your essays, resume, and application form on time, undergoing your interview and having the recommendations submitted after the deadline if needed.

Do you need assistance in preparing an outstanding application to an EMBA program? Feel free to reach out to us!

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