International MBA Applicants and COVID-19: Risks & Opportunities [Short Video]

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We are in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that will force us to make choices we have never faced before. In this video, I talk through some potential risks and advantages of applying during what has become an extraordinary admissions cycle. Only you can make the final decision. 

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COVID-19 and MBA admissions for international applicants, in a nutshell

Potential risks 

  • Travel and visa restrictions may prevent you from physically being on campus.
  • Online classes could mean a subpar experience in terms of networking and social connections.
  • There are physical and mental health risks, as well as difficulties related to navigating a foreign medical system.
  • There’s the possibility of long-term separation from family.
  • You can’t ignore the uncertainty in future internships, recruitment, etc.

Potential advantages

  • Schools may be more generous in granting admissions with borderline scores, especially if you have a special visa or residency situation.
  • Programs may be more generous when it comes to scholarships and financial aid.
  • The drawbacks of the online experience won’t matter compared to the long-term advantage of brand.
  • Students during this rocky time will be able to sit out the recession and then rejoin a recovering economy.

What to do now

  • Now is a great time to study for the GRE/GMAT. Some schools are waiving tests, but may require scores at a later date.
  • There’s no better time than the present to change your lifestyle if needed. Quit smoking, get in shape, and figure out a mental health fitness program as well.

We can help!

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How will Covid-19 impact your MBA admissions journey? Watch our live Q&A session to find out!
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