HBS Will Require Coronavirus Testing Every Three Days for In-Person Students

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For Harvard Business School students who return to campus this fall, COVID-19 testing will become a routine part of everyday life.


That much is clear from a June 21 update from dean Nitin Nohria and executive dean for administration Angela Crispi. The update outlines HBS’s requirements for those who intend to spend time on campus, including students, faculty and staff.


Starting immediately, the school says it will ask for weekly COVID-19 testing in the form of a self-administered nasal swab done under supervision. According to HBS’s update, testing takes place every Tuesday at the school’s football stadium and “typically lasts less than half an hour.”


As the fall semester begins, HBS will increase the frequency of testing. It expects that students, as well as faculty and staff who interact regularly with the community, will be tested every three days.


The new testing requirements are just the latest indication that, despite HBS’s plan to resume in-person classes this fall, life on campus will be far from typical.


Earlier this year, the school gave all incoming students an option for deferral, resulting in an incoming MBA class 200 students below the usual size. Those who did enroll will have the option to take classes virtually.


Still, the school stopped short of opting for fully remote classes, as at Harvard College, which is allowing 40 percent of undergraduate students to return but moving all classes online.


In this respect, HBS’s approach mirrors that of the vast majority of business schools. A list of reopening plans at the top 100 B-schools in the US compiled by Poets & Quants shows that nearly all are planning on either hybrid models like HBS’s or in-person learning.


What’s clear is that, regardless of the particular model individual business schools have opted for, this semester will present unique logistical challenges. Across MBA programs, this is a time of uncertainty, both for students and for applicants. 


That uncertainty makes it all the more critical for applicants to focus on the factors that are in their control: applying to schools that are a good fit, and putting together an application that communicates one’s unique personal brand to adcoms in a compelling, memorable way. 


We’re here to give you feedback on how you can accomplish those things. Just get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with a free MBA Application assessment!

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