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University of Texas McCombs MBA Essay Tips and Deadlines [2022 – 2023] 0
University of Texas McCombs MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

McCombs combines its rigor with a passionate community, including passion for the program. The single required question below reflects this value; it invites you to demonstrate deep familiarity with the program connected to your unique vision for the future. It has a practical slant; convey concrete goals and make a case for how this program is ideally suited to prepare you for them.

It has introduced some significant changes to its essays. It has gone from two required essays to one required essay. It dropped the “Please introduce yourself” question/video and retained with only minor edits the question that is and was last year a must.

For great advice, listen to Get Accepted to UT Austin McCombs, a podcast interview with Rodrigo Malta, UT Austin’s Director of Admissions.

UT McCombs Application Essays

McCombs Required MBA Essay

Picture yourself at the completion of your MBA journey. Describe how you spent your time as a Texas MBA to achieve your personal and professional goals. (500 words max)

The key here is to show that Texas McCombs is the right program for you, professionally and personally, that you understand the program, and that you have a plan to use its resources productively. 

It will be most efficient and intuitive for many people to start with the last part of the question first: your personal and professional goals – what you will be doing upon graduation and beyond; what position, what company, where geographically, what you will be accountable for. Other people may prefer to start by describing their time at McCombs; perhaps you commenced your MBA with one career goal in mind but your exposure there to classes/topics, classmates, professors, etc. inspired a new professional focus and purpose.

Either way, in discussing your time in the program, be specific. Describe what academic coursework (including electives) prepared you, and highlight other aspects of the academic program as relevant. Also note activities that contributed to your goals, such as study groups, clubs, etc. Finally, consider adding some insight into the personal growth you gained while at Texas and how this prepares you for your post-MBA life. 

The question in essence is asking for a story – use the story framework in structuring the essay and selecting contents. It will make the essay more effective by allowing you to enjoy the process of creating it.

Listen: A Note about applying to b-school from Rodrigo Malta, Managing Director, MBA Recruitment and Admissions at UT McCombs

McCombs MBA Optional Essay

If applicable, applicants can provide an optional statement in the essay section of the application. Applicants should only provide an optional statement if there is something they wish to address about their candidacy that is not addressed elsewhere.

If you write the optional essay, present information that is essential for the adcom to have in order to fully understand your candidacy. If you do not have any concerns to address, you could explore a relevant topic not addressed in your application. Be succinct; don’t take the lack of word limit as an invitation to write a book. If you believe your candidacy is well represented without the optional essay, totally fine; don’t write it just to write it.

UT McCombs at a glance:

UT McCombs average GMAT score: 704

UT McCombs average GPA: 3.44

UT McCombs acceptance rate: 36.9%

U.S. News ranked McCombs #18 in 2023.

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UT McCombs 2022-2023 MBA application timeline

Round 1October 11, 2022​​
Round 2January 5, 2023
Round 3March 28, 2023

Source: Texas McCombs website

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***Disclaimer: Information is subject to change. Please check with individual programs to verify the essay questions, instructions and deadlines.***

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