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Show Why You Need an MBA

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why you need an mba

There’s much to think about when you’re pulling together your business school application materials. You’ve got to ensure your MBA resume is in top shape, that your recommenders will upload their letters on time, that your essays are compelling and will position you well—the list goes on. One thing often overlooked is communicating to the AdCom why you need an MBA in the first place.

Have you taken time to think through this? If going back to school has always been your plan, the application process could turn into a mere box-ticking exercise. You might get so focused on impressing the AdCom that you fail to explain how their program can help you.

We’re not talking about the “Why school X?” responses. That’s where you show you’ve thoroughly researched a program by mentioning classes, professors, clubs, etc. in your essays. We mean explaining what you still need to learn and what experience you must gain to reach your career goals.

If you don’t say why you need an MBA while highlighting your background, achievements, and career aspirations, the AdCom may decide that someone else would benefit more from their program. So, don’t be afraid to point out your skills gaps and exactly how an MBA can help. The AdCom isn’t looking to put together a class of people who are already perfect and have nothing to learn from each other!

Think of it this way: if he could admit it, you can, too.

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