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The Intermediate Guide to London Business School Essays

MBA and Beyond 0

Top b- school seeks uniqueness and authenticity while selecting their future class to build a community that brings diversity to the school. To evaluate these criteria, they give huge importance to your essay as that is the applicant’s USP. We are here to provide you with the intermediate to London Business School Essays with their class profile.

This article will give insights on why you should choose LBS, class profile, deadline, essay tips & tricks, and sample essays. 

Writing an essay needs time, research, and introspection, and at this peak hour and rush, we don't want you to remain baffled as there is always a “?” as to what narrative to build, what USPs to show, which stories to pick in the applications. Taking expert advice will always be worth more than remaining in a dilemma.

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Quick Snapshot

Why London Business School?

When it comes to learning and professional experience, LBS is the heart of London’s financial district. LBS faculty is among the best in the world, as their teaching approach brings diverse perspectives and backgrounds worldwide and makes you corporate-ready.

LBS believes that every student's journey is different and unique, which is why their team provides personalized career resources to impact each student's career journey. 

Our experts also align with their vision which is why they dig out your USP for top B-schools and provide you with honest feedback on your profile. 

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Class Profile

Factors Number
Application 2879
Admit 1000
Class size 553
Average Age 29
Female Students 36%
International Students 89%
Countries Represented 66
Average Work Experience 5.5 Years
Average GMAT 700
Average GPA 3.5

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Round Application Deadline Interview Decision sent on Interview Period Admission decision sent on
Round 1 Friday 9 September 2022 Thursday 13 October 2022 Mid-October to early-November 2022 Thursday 01 December 2022
Round 2 Thursday 5 January 2023 Thursday 9 February 20230 Mid-February to early March 2023 Wednesday 5 April 2023
Round 3 Monday 27 March 2023 Thursday 27 April 2023 End of April to mid-May 2023 Friday 9 June 2023

Essay 1 (Required)

Q) What are your post-MBA goals and how will your prior experience and the London Business School program contribute towards these? (500 words)

The question seems to be pretty straightforward and to the point, isn’t it? But here, the challenge is demonstrating your candidacy by creating a USP which sets you apart from others. This requires creativity, research, and authenticity. You need to show that your goal is not just limited to doing MBA, but you have a practical long-term vision. This help adcoms to understand two important things-

  1. You have the fundamental skills and experience to achieve your goals and succeed after your MBA.

  2. Their MBA program will rightfully bridge the gap between your current experience to your short-term and long-term goals.

Suggested Readings:

  1. How to bring collinearity to your post-MBA goals?

  2. What is MBA Positioning, and why does it matter?

The best answer is to go a little deeper, giving the Adcoms the context into what has motivated your post-MBA career goals and showing an advanced level of self-awareness. Adcoms seek applicants who have taken the time to learn about the program, curriculum, and culture and are genuinely excited about the unique offerings to LBS.

To give a personal touch, you can add one or two major accomplishments to create impact. As this is the only required essay for LBS, it is practical to include some sense of impact. You should mention things that can be part of their discussion of how one’s work has prepared them for elements of the target post-MBA position.

Suggested Readings

  1. How difficult is it to get into LBS?

  2. Low GMAT Success Story - Journey to LBS

Essay 2 (Optional)

Q) Is there any other information you believe the Admissions Committee should know about you and your application to London Business School? (500 words)

First & Foremost- IT’S AN OPTIONAL ESSAY. 

This is the part where most applicants need help deciding whether to write one or not. Trust the admission committee or us that this is not a trick; they just want to leave the door open where applicants’ can come forward and tell more about themselves based on the question. 

To understand if you should attempt it:

  • See if there are any substantial gaps in your profile (for ex- low GPA/GMAT, low work-ex, gaps in work experience, etc.)

  • If there are no substantial gaps, look for the intangible ones. The tricky ones! And for that, you must get your application reviewed by someone who understands what these schools look for, i.e., consultants/students/alums of the target school.

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And; if you do not feel that your candidacy includes any elements that require further clarification, then you can use this essay to discuss your positive contributions. Do not just repeat those values that you have already mentioned.

Think and analyze your utmost to develop and convey a crucial narrative to understanding your character. Because as we said, this question is so open-ended, and your options are somewhat limitless. Be mindful and respectful of the admissions committee’s time.

How to Distinguish Yourself in Your MBA Application Essays

Phew! Quite a long one, right? But quite informational too. We hope we can cover everything about “London Business School MBA Essays.”  If you need an upper hand, our team is always there to show you the right direction.

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