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Too Much of a Good Thing

By - Jan 27, 12:37 PM   Comments [0]

This knowledge nugget comes to you courtesy of the Blacklight. Enjoy! If asked to name some of your core strengths, would attributes like these make the list? Driven Direct Easygoing Detail-oriented Cooperative Inquisitive Now, what if we told you an over-reliance on your strengths can create major blind spots that limit your career prospects....

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Mapping Out Your MBA Application Timeline

By - Jan 24, 08:40 AM   Comments [0]

Once you’ve decided to pursue an MBA, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Applicants need to fit in test prep, visiting schools, and developing essays with other personal and professional commitments. The best way to do this is to put together your MBA...

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11 Ways to Prepare for Your B-School Interview

By - Jan 22, 07:59 AM   Comments [0]

As you may guess, the purpose of the MBA admissions interview is twofold. First, it gives the AdCom a chance to see a candidate’s personality, leadership qualities, and motivation for pursuing an MBA. Secondly, it also lets applicants tell their own story beyond the essays...

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Ross School to Launch STEM Track

By - Jan 20, 14:28 PM   Comments [0]

The University of Michigan Ross School of Business has announced it will launch a STEM-designated track within its full-time MBA program. Starting in fall 2020, this new STEM track will meet the needs of students interested in pursuing quantitative management and business analytics roles across...

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B-Schools Work to Attract Non-Traditional Applicants

By - Jan 17, 15:04 PM   Comments [0]

Admissions teams continue to ramp up efforts to attract non-traditional applicants to their MBA programs, says the Graduate Management Admission Council. These prospective students bring unique experiences and skills to business school and the business world. Non-traditional applicants bring different perspectives to classroom discussions, which enhances...

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The Feedback Sandwich is Stale AF

By - Jan 15, 08:35 AM   Comments [0]

This knowledge nugget comes to you courtesy of the Blacklight. Enjoy! Most of us are familiar with the advice to couch or preface negative feedback with at least two positive messages, aka the feedback sandwich. In theory, this takes the sting out of whatever nugget of...

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5 Tips to Help You Speak Up, Boost Confidence

By - Jan 13, 07:58 AM   Comments [0]

Every day, people in homes and offices across the country face a daunting decision. Do I speak up and risk getting penalized by or embarrassed in front of my friends, family, colleagues, or superiors? Or, do I remain silent, refrain from influencing a conversation or...

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5 Times it Makes Sense to Apply to Only One MBA Program

By - Jan 10, 08:39 AM   Comments [0]

Many schools consider couples applying together as a special case. Deciding how many business schools to apply to is not a one-size-fits-all proposition. The majority of applicants target four to six schools. But some candidates choose to focus their energies and apply to only one MBA...

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Do Top B-Schools Have an International Experience Requirement?

By - Jan 8, 14:01 PM   Comments [0]

The ability to work well with people from other cultures has never been more critical. In response, business schools have continued to deepen their focus on globalization. While most schools do not have an explicit international experience requirement, MBA admissions committees seek curious, open-minded applicants...

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Goizueta Foundation Gifts $30M to Namesake B-School

By - Jan 6, 15:17 PM   Comments [0]

Emory University’s Goizueta Business School has announced that it will receive a gift of $30 million from The Goizueta Foundation.  In honor of namesake Roberto Goizueta, former chairman and CEO of The Coca-Cola Company, the business school will invest the gift in three areas that...

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