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B-Schooled Podcast Episode #162: Candidacy “Question Marks” (Part 2)

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Many MBA applicants have a less-than-perfect profile. They may be lacking in extracurriculars, have middling test scores, or have a few blemishes on their academic record. We’re here to tell you that if that’s your situation,  don’t fret. You’re in good company! The next step is finding out how to mitigate those weaknesses.  In a continuation of B-Schooled episode #158 on “candidacy question marks”—or red flags on an MBA candidate’s record—this week’s episode covers what to do if you:

• have employment gaps in your career,
• are unemployed when you apply,
• get laid off or fired after you submit your materials, or
• have something like a DUI or honor code violation from college on your record.

Part 1 covered what to do if you have:

• A low GPA
• A low test score
• A few low grades within an overall decent GPA
• A lack of extracurriculars
• A lack of work experience, and
• “Too much” work experience (or when an applicant is older than the rest of the candidate pool)

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