16 Grad School Application Mistakes You Don’t Want to Make [Episode 237]

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The application cycle is in full swing in early December, when I’m recording this podcast. In reflecting on the many applications that my colleagues and I review here at Accepted and the problems we help our clients deal with, I thought it might be a...

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Tuck School Releases Impressive Salary, Job Placement Stats for ’17 Grads

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The average first-year base salary and signing bonus for Tuck School of Business’s newest graduates was a record $158,194, according to recently released employment data for the class of 2017. The mean annual base salary increased to $127,986 and the mean signing bonus climbed 4 percent to $30,208....

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Introducing the Choosing the Best MBA Program for You Blog Series

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Welcome to our Choosing the Best MBA Program for You series, where you’ll learn the specific steps you need to take to create a list of business schools that are the best fit for your educational, social, and professional preferences and how creating this list...

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Ross’s 2017 Employment Report

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Consulting%%www.expartus.com%% This year’s MBA grads from University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business flocked to Amazon and McKinsey. These two companies together hired 77 alums from this year’s cohort, according to Ross’s 2017 employment report. With McKinsey and Amazon scooping up Ross MBAs, perhaps...

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GMAT Question of the Day (December 15)

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Math If 5 dollars and 35 crowns is equivalent to 7 pounds, and 4 dollars and 4 pounds is equivalent to 56 crowns, 1 pound and 28 crowns is equivalent to how many dollars? A. $7.00 B. $7.50 C. $8.50 D. $9.00 E. $10.00 Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and...

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Do More Than Wait for MBA Admissions Responses

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The best way to cope when you’re anxiously waiting for news of any kind is to stay busy. And I’m not talking about devoting hours each day to stalking the MBA message boards. Though these forums provide a tempting distraction for MBA hopefuls waiting for...

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Top 10 or Bust: Dispelling Two MBA Myths

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Here are two comments that I get all the time from applicants – two related MBA myths that absolutely require busting: Myth #1: Once you attend an MBA program outside the Top 10, it doesn’t matter which school you attend, so you may as well go...

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GMAT Question of the Day (December 14)

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Math If during the first two hours of its four-hour trip, a car went at a constant speed of 75 kmh, what was the average speed of the car for the entire trip? (1) During the last two hours of the trip, the car traveled 10 km...

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Bloomberg Businessweek’s Best International B-Schools

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Bloomberg Businessweek has announced its annual ranking of the 31 best international business schools, following up on last month’s release of the top MBA programs in the United States. The methodology for Bloomberg Businessweek’s ranking places considerable weight on recruiter opinions regarding how well MBA programs prepare...

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Notre Dame GMAT: Everything You Need to Know

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Notre Dame’s Mendoza School of Business uses the motto “Ask More of Business” to describe itself. But asking more of business also means asking more of you—meaning the typical Notre Dame GMAT score is high, and admissions are competitive. But if you share Notre Dame’s...

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