Applying to INSEAD? Read This!

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INSEAD’s intense, international MBA is one of the top-ranked graduate business programs in the world. Do you have what it takes to get accepted? The first step to crafting an effective application strategy for INSEAD is understanding what the admissions committee is looking for as they...

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From the Mouths of MBA Adcom Members: How to Get Accepted

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Looking for the best possible admissions advice? How about admissions advice from the admission committee members themselves? Linda Abraham, founder of Accepted and host of the Admissions Straight Talk Podcast has a collection of highly enlightening interviews with directors of admissions and adcom members of top business schools! Listen in...

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US News Releases 2020 Online MBA Program Ranking

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions It’s a new year, and a new round of MBA rankings to come out. As usual, the first major MBA ranking to hit the press is US News’s ranking of online MBA programs. The ranking of online MBA programs is interesting not just...

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January MBA Planning Kick-Start: Part 4: Expanding Your Network for Long-Term Success

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To give you a head start and keep you on track in the new year, Personal MBA Coach has developed a 4 part series: MBA Planning Kick-Start! Check out Part 4 today: Expanding Your Network for Long-Term Success (In case you missed it, check out Part 1: Making...

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Wharton EMBA R1: If Rejected, What Next?

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Wharton will be releasing its decisions on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 to let EMBA candidates who applied in Round 1 know whether the school has granted them admission. Some candidates will get unhappy news, because the Wharton EMBA program is one of the most highly...

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2 Weeks to Wharton EMBA Deadline (2/5): Success Steps to Still Make It

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The second and last of Wharton's deadlines for the 2019-2020 EMBA admissions cycle is on February 5, 2020 – only two weeks away. We at MBA often get emails from candidates questioning whether they can still make that deadline, because they recognize that if...

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Which MBA Program is Right for Me? The Ultimate Guide to Choosing an MBA Program

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In 18+ years of MBA admissions consulting, I have found that otherwise highly capable and focused people often basically wing it when it comes to creating their target list of business schools. I’ve heard things like: “I’m just applying to all the top ten.” Top ten according...

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Round 3 vs Next Year: Your Roadmap

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If you missed Round 3 vs. Next Year: When Should You Apply? or if you attended our webinar, but want to hear the advice again, you’re in luck: it’s now available free and on-demand!  Guided by Accepted’s founder, Linda Abraham, you’ll learn what distinguishes Round 3 from earlier...

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Ross School to Launch STEM Track

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The University of Michigan Ross School of Business has announced it will launch a STEM-designated track within its full-time MBA program. Starting in fall 2020, this new STEM track will meet the needs of students interested in pursuing quantitative management and business analytics roles across...

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B-Schools Work to Attract Non-Traditional Applicants

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Admissions teams continue to ramp up efforts to attract non-traditional applicants to their MBA programs, says the Graduate Management Admission Council. These prospective students bring unique experiences and skills to business school and the business world. Non-traditional applicants bring different perspectives to classroom discussions, which enhances...

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