How to Present a Winning Wharton Application [Episode 342]

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Learn what makes an applicant stand out at Wharton [Show Summary] What is Wharton looking for? What about its new deferred admission programs? Most importantly, what do you need to do to get in? If these questions reside in your head, listen in! Wharton’s Director of Admissions,...

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Eli Broad’s $100M Gift Will Create Broad Center at Yale SOM

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The Yale School of Management has received a landmark gift of $100 million from The Eli and Edythe Broad Foundation, Dean Kerwin K. Charles announced today. This pledge—the largest in the school’s history—will establish The Broad Center, devoted to strengthening the leadership of America’s public...

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Yale School of Management MBA Class of 2021 Profile

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Here is a look at Yale SOM’s class of 2021 profile, taken from the Yale SOM website. Total enrollment: 345Women: 42%International passport holders: 44% (includes U.S. permanent residents and dual citizens)U.S. Students of Color: 29% (includes U.S. citizens and permanent residents who identify as Asian, Black, Hispanic/Latino, Native American/Islander, or Multiethnic)Underrepresented...

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Columbia Business School: Do You Have What it Takes?

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An MBA is a serious investment in your future – it’s two years away from your money-earning career, but it provides great training, a powerful credential, and a network that you’ll have for the rest of your life. Those benefits are why your application strategy...

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1 Month GMAT Study Schedule

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OK, suppose you are starting from Square One (like, “What is the format of the GMAT?” basic or “What is the GMAT test used for?” basic) and have just a month to get yourself in shape for the GMAT. Preparing for the GMAT in a...

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Advice from Former MBA Admissions Officers

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You probably already know that we have a diverse group of MBAs on the Stacy Blackman Consulting team. We each bring something unique to the table that can benefit the rest of our staff (and our clients!). This week we thought the timing was right...

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Can I Really Finish My Applications in Time?

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It is hard to believe that December is upon us and the first round 2 application deadline is just over four weeks away (see deadline summary below). The holiday season is hectic for everyone, but for those of you working on your MBA applications, this...

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Columbia Business School Class of 2021 Profile

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Here is a look at Columbia Business School’s class of 2021 (info from the Columbia Business School website). Applications received: 5876Admitted: 1122Enrolled: 754, divided into 11 clustersJanuary entry class size: 203, divided into 3 clustersAugust entry class size: 551, divided into 8 clustersGMAT scores (average): 727GMAT scores (range): 560-790GMAT scores (middle 80%): 690-760Undergraduate GPA (average): 3.6Undergraduate...

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Top MBA Programs Get STEM-Certified to Attract Int’l Students

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Here’s a question for all MBA applicants: what do you do if the product you are selling suddenly becomes significantly less appealing to your international markets? Evolving conditions have made your customers doubt your product is worth as much as you are charging, and fewer...

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How many credits do you need for an MBA? Your MBA Credits Guide.

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An MBA can do wonders for your career, whether you are looking to accelerate the career track you are already on or switch to a new one. But a full-time MBA program will require two years of intensive business study, and while it is a...

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