“I Wish the Admissions Committee Had Asked Me…”

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A number of schools have variations on this question, and clients regularly ask what they are supposed to do with a topic like this. The answer: It depends. The role of the optional essay Ask yourself: Does the application offer an optional essay space as well as asking this...

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Ida Valentine: Investment Banker, Inspirational Speaker, HBS 2021 [Episode 311]

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Interview with Ida Valentine, Associate at Barclays Investment Bank and Member of the HBS MBA Class of 2021 [Show Summary] Our guest today is Ida Valentine. She earned her BA from UNC-Chapel Hill IN 2014, majoring in business administration and minoring in Spanish for the Professions....

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Harvard Essay Question Analysis- 2019-20

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 Harvard Business School has kicked off the 2019–2020 MBA admissions season by  releasing its application deadlines and essay question.  Once again, the essay question remains unchanged from previous years. The admission committee must have found the prompt effective in getting to know and evaluate their future students. The application will open...

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Face Off: Dartmouth Tuck vs Yale SOM

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The school selection process for MBA applicants can seem overwhelming. With so many great business schools, how do you decide which one is right for you? In SBC’s new blog series Face Off, we tease out the strengths and differences between two similarly ranked b-schools. Plus,...

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Question of the Day (May 17)

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Verbal Correctly measuring the productivity of service workers is complex. Consider, for example, postal workers: they are often said to be more productive if more letters are delivered per postal worker. But is this really true? What if more letters are lost or delayed per worker...

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Harvard MBA Essay Tips: 2019-2020 HBS Deadlines Announced!

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With HBS deadlines released for the class of 2022, you might be starting to think about how to tackle the application (R1 set for Sept. 4, 2019). While the application won’t open up until sometime in June, HBS affirmed that its singular essay question is the...

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Harvard Business School MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines [2019 – 2020]

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HBS Kicks Off the 2019-20 MBA Application Cycle? Harvard announced last week its application due dates for 2019-20 and its essay question. In doing so it became the first top MBA program to provide that information, thus kicking off the 2019-20 application cycle.  Go Harvard! HBS presented...

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Question of the Day (May 16)

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Quant If in the xy plane line has the equation , then line passes through which of the following points? A. (3, 1)B. (3, 4)C. (4, 2)D. (6, 9)E. (6, 15) Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - A - (click and drag your...

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Build your Business School Network as an Applicant

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As most incoming MBA students know, the network you cultivate during business school is likely the most valuable part of the experience. Through the Internet and social media, you can get a head start and build your business school network as early as the application...

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Harvard Business School Essay Analysis, 2019-2020

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At last the 2019–2020 MBA admissions season has kicked off, with Harvard Business School (HBS) releasing (or shall we say rereleasing) its single application essay prompt. Once again, HBS has made no changes to its question. HBS Managing Director of MBA Admissions Chad Losee, now entering...

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