Michigan Ross Admissions Director Gives Candid MBA Essay Advice

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At Michigan Ross School of Business, MBA admissions director Soojin Kwon is a straight shooter who always strives to offer b-school hopefuls the clearest, most authentic application advice possible. We think Kwon’s latest blog post on how she would answer this season’s MBA essays provides both...

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GMAT Question of the Day (August 25)

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Math A shop sells candy bars individually or in packs of 10. If the shop charges less for purchasing a pack of 10 candy bars than for purchasing 10 candy bars individually, then how much does the shop charge for purchasing a pack of 10 candy...

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MBAnalysis: Welcome to Business School! (Finding Success Inside the Classroom)

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In our last blog, we talked about how to get the most out of business school on the personal side, in this blog we will cover the professional and academic sides. Here are some things to keep in mind. 1. The most important words for...

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MBAnalysis: Welcome to Business School! (Finding Success Outside the Classroom)

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Only once the plane takes off or the moving van leaves, you realize you are actually going to business school! It is no longer that crazy, purgatory-like experience as you fight your way from deadline to deadline, waiting with baited-breadth to find out where you...

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5 Ways to Be a Compelling MBA Candidate

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Applying to business school means that you need to put together the best possible version of who you are, what you’ve done and what you want to do in the future — a brand that will help define you to MBA programs. See below for...

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Act Fast to Beat the Price Increase!

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OK: you’ve made the big decision – you’re going to apply. We know you didn’t make this choice lightly – after all, going to grad school is a big investment in your dreams of the future. Click here to get started >> Whether those dreams involve creating...

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Will You Be at Columbia B-School Next Year?

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Dreaming of starting your MBA at the “very heart of business” in NYC – at Columbia Business School? Whether you’re focused on finance (like 37% of CBS grads) or interested in any of a truly dazzling array of strengths (Entrepreneurship! Luxury retail! Consulting!) – CBS is...

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UCLA Anderson Talks Pros/Cons of Each Application Round

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Round 1 or Round 2 – that is the question… There is definitely a frenzy around trying to submit applications in round 1. So much so that you might wonder what the other rounds are for. If everyone needs to submit applications in round 1, who...

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Getting into a top business school with a low GMAT?

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Consulting%%www.expartus.com%% Year after year, one of the most common questions I get about MBA admissions is “What GMAT score do I need to get into business school?” Of course, you already know there’s no magic number. And that your GMAT score, while important, is...

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GMAT Question of the Day (August 24)

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Math is what percent larger than ? A. 20 B. 25 C. 75 D. 125 E. 150 Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - D - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal The World Wildlife Fund has declared that global warming, a phenomenon most scientists agree to be...

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