The 3 C’s of Kelley – Collaboration, Culture, and Community

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Kelley Business School admits a small class of around 200 MBA students each year, which means a sense of community is not simply a nice-to-have, but a distinct feature of its student body. Its location in a small midwestern college town reinforces this aspect. It’s...

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GMAT Question of the Day (August 21)

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Math If the area of a square equals the area of a circle, which of the following is closest to the ratio of the diagonal of the square to the diameter of the circle? A. 0.95 B. 1.26 C. 1.40 D. 1.57 E. 2.51   Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - B - (click and...

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How Challenging Should My “Meaningful Challenge” Be?

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Wondering how challenging your "Meaningful Challenge" should be? Fear not ... these tips from a former Booth admissions officer will set you in the right direction!

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MiM and MBA Communities: Insights from LBS Graduate

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You may remember Mikhail Lizanets - London Business School graduate, fascinating entrepreneur and MBA Strategy client. Here is the second part of his story, including valuable tips and insights. Master in Management Program: Specifics An ideal candidate for Master in Management program is a recent graduate, who...

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The Art of Interviewing—Are You a “Can” or a “Cannot”?

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“I am doomed…. This is a disaster….I really never expected this… What am I going to do?” This from Daniel, a prospective PH.D student. I couldn’t imagine what had happened to cause such a negative response, especially as Daniel is a very strong candidate with...

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Dartmouth Tuck MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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The Dartmouth Tuck adcom is interested in learning about what you as an individual, a businessperson, and a leader can contribute to Tuck’s small, close-knit program. Use your essays as a platform for expressing your earnest desire to enter the world of management and to...

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Making the Most of MBA Fairs

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For many who are just embarking on their B-school journey, attending an MBA fair like The MBA Tour or the QS Top MBA World Tour  is a stellar way to meet admissions representatives from several programs and impress them with your thoughtfulness and preparation…in other words,...

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Math Revolution Free Diagnostic Test ($19 worth)

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Math Revolution’s unbeatable diagnostic test! Evaluate your exact math skills now! You cannot discover your true math skills if you just practice CAT based test sets from other sources. GMAT Math has to be strategic, selective and focused. After knowing your exact math skills, it is...

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GMAT Question of the Day (August 18)

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Math Which of the following always equals ? A. B. C. D. E. Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - C - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) Verbal Following several years of declining advertising sales,...

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Are your applications really ready to go?

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Round one deadlines are approaching! As many of you know, the HBS application is due in just under 3 weeks, with Duke Fuqua and Yale SOM due the following week. Wharton, Stanford, Kellogg, Hass and Booth are not far behind. Nearly all schools will have...

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