GMAT Question of the Day (December 20)

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Math If points , , , and form a quadrilateral, is longer than ? (1) (2) Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - C - (click and drag your mouse to see...

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MBA Waitlisted: Now What?

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All that time and effort devoted to your applications and interview, followed by weeks and weeks (and more weeks) of waiting, only to be informed now it’s not over yet. Your dream school has just placed you on the (gulp) waitlist. So, how does that make...

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When Do I Get My GMAT Score Report?

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Great question!  The short answer is that you get most of your GMAT score right away, as soon as you are done with your test, and the rest, the whole kit-and-caboodle, about 20 days later.  Before we can clarify that answer with greater detail, we...

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Tips for Video Interviews

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An increasing number of MBA programs are making use of online video-interview platforms, where you must record responses to one or more short-answer prompts before your application is considered complete. Sometimes, the system will allow for an extra try if you’re not thrilled with your...

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GMAT Question of the Day (December 19)

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Math In the economy mode, a printer prints twice as fast as in the optimal quality mode. If after working for 20 minutes in the optimal quality mode and 40 minutes in the economy mode the printer printed 120 pages, how long would it take the...

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10 Key Tips for Creating Compelling Business School Essays

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The Round 2 application deadlines are only 2-3 weeks away.  Some applicants are already half way through the application process while some are still at the beginning stage.  Whichever stage of the application process you are, you are still working on showcasing your best personal...

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Write a Resume That is Readable, Impactful, and Unique

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Are you looking for advice on how to boost the readability, impact, and uniqueness of your MBA application resume? Read on for a few of our favorite resume tips... 1. Readability: • Eliminate extra lines: Keep your address and contact information on one line if possible, avoid listing your...

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Welcome Aboard, Madelaine Baker!

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We’re happy to welcome Madelaine Baker to the Accepted team! Madelaine has worked on and off in MBA admissions since 2002, working in the admissions offices of MIT Sloan and Yale SOM. While pursuing her own MBA at Columbia Business School, Madelaine was always involved in prospective...

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Top Six Things to Do While on an MBA Wait List

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Round 1 decisions are out and you are not in. Bummer. The good news is that you were NOT denied! Here are six tips for what you can do while you are on an MBA waiting list. 1. Breathe. Relax. Seriously, you are still in...

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Time Management Tips to Make the Most of Your Test Prep

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Time is precious on a standardized test. On test day, efficient time use can be the difference between a top score and a failing one. And in test prep, as on the test itself, time is of the essence. Here are some time management tips...

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