GMAT Probability, simplified.

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Probability questions on the GMAT often confuse students. You need a simple strategy. Consider the following question:

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Monday Mail-Bag: Advice on Big Picture Issues That Impact GMAT Test Takers…

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This series of emails and PMs focuses on situations that many Test Takers face during their studies. The names of the original posters have been changed to protect their identities. Picking 5 Schools to Receive the Score Report Hello Rich! I will be taking the GMAT soon, but...

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Prove You’re MBA Material, Even if You’re Not a Quant Jock

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Many business school applicants worry that they don’t have a strong enough quantitative background to be accepted into a top program. If your entire career has been spent in marketing, for example, how can you convince an admissions committee that you’ll be able to handle...

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Haas School of Business 2015-2016 Application Deadlines

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions At the Haas School of Business, there are three MBA application rounds, with the first round closing in October.  Two consortium deadlines are also open. The fall class consists of about 240 students. Approximately 3,550 applications are received by the Haas School of...

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Summer Savings Continue – 5 More Days To Save 10%

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Our super summer 10% off sale continues through Wednesday, July 15, 2015. Ready to get the help you need to whip those applications into tip-top shape? Then NOW is the time to purchase services. 10% off can save you hundreds of dollars!* Our expert admissions consultants and...

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Understanding Stanford GSB’s Take On Demonstrated Leadership Potential

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Naturally you’ve got leadership, or you wouldn’t be applying to Stanford.   What are the qualities that Stanford GSB is looking for as they build their class? How do successful applicants stand out from the crowd? At a school as competitive as Stanford, it’s a fact that...

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GMAT Question of the Day (July 13)

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Math A box has 60 red, green, blue and white pieces of candy inside. If one candy is drawn from the box at random and the probability that it will be white is and the probability that it will be green is

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Guru Talk/Application Tips: How do you write an impactful resume for business school?

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-written by GMAT club user rhyme ( in response to a question posted on Here is my advice. Remember a few things. 1) Your objective here is not to get a job, its to get into graduate school. 2) With that in mind, write more about your leadership and less...

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NYU Stern 2016 MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines

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Last year Stern gave you a choice for its second question. This year all three questions are required and what I call Stern's "signature question" (#2) is once again required. Your essays will need to highlight your qualities as a successful, leadership-driven, creative thinker and businessperson....

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Business + Public Affairs: is a "dual degree" right for you?

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We're very pleased to share this guest post. Key Contributors: senior consultant Akiba Smith-Francis (Harvard MBA/Harvard Kennedy School MPA) and senior consultant Jeff Phillips (Kellogg MBA/Harvard Kennedy School MPA).   Master of Public Administration (MPA) and Master of Public Policy (MPP) programs are designed for those seeking careers...

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