MBA Letters Of Recommendation

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Selecting your recommenders takes a strategy. I like to begin with the basics: Who, When, What, Where, and How. I also like to suggest that you waive your right to access it. The waiver makes the recommendation more credible to the admissions committee. Who: Who are the...

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Specific Factors to Help Override a Less-than-Ideal GPA

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Specific Factors to Help Override a Less-than-Ideal GPA There are some broad factors that the admissions committee will take into account as reasons that can justify a lower-than-ideal GPA (and hence the admissions committee might not be looking at your lower-than-ideal GPA as a problem at...

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How Important is My GPA 4 Years After College?

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How Important is My GPA 4 Years After College? Some business school applicants simply never “gained their footing” in their undergraduate years. Perhaps moving far from home to attend college was difficult for them and they did not achieve high grades. Perhaps they chose...

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How to Convert a Foreign GPA

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How to Convert a Foreign GPA At MBA, we work with many MBA candidates who attained their undergraduate or graduate degrees from universities outside of the United States. A very common concern among such candidates is how they should convert their GPAs, if their...

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UT McCombs 2015-2016 MBA Application Essays

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The University of Texas at Austin McCombs School of Business has announced the updated MBA essay questions for the 2015-2016 admissions cycle. The two required prompts and one optional one are: Essay One: At The University of Texas at Austin, what starts here changes the world. ...

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Managing Your Test Day Performance Anxiety

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Worried about losing focus while taking the GMAT? Two weeks ago, we talked about anticipation stress and how it can impede your preparation for the GMAT. Being proactive in the months leading up to the test can greatly improve your score—but that’s only half battle. What about...

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Sloan School of Management 2015-2016 Application Deadlines

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Sloan School of Management has released its 2015-2016 application deadlines. Sloan School of Management will have three application rounds for August early entry. Applications must be sent by no later than 3pm EST. Decisions are communicated via each applicant’s online application. And now, here...

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GMAT Question of the Day (June 4)

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Math A store had 10 loaves of bread, out of which 7 were baguettes. If the store sold 6 loaves of bread, what is the probability that the store sold exactly 4 baguettes out of these 6 loaves? (Assume that every loaf has an equal chance...

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Tuck School of Business 2015-2016 Application Deadlines

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The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth has posted the following application deadlines for the upcoming MBA admissions season. Early Action Round Application deadline: October 7, 2015 Decision notification: December 17, 2015 November Round Application deadline: November 4, 2015 Decision notification: February 12, 2016 January Round Application deadline: January 6, 2016 Decision notification: March...

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MBA News: Business Schools Court Cuba, Internships Pay

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Tour your target MBA program from your iPad. Business schools look to Cuba, HBS brings back its mandatory essay, and paid internships are on the upswing—let’s dig into the latest headlines pertaining to business schools and MBA news. Leave your comments below. MBA mojitos? When President Obama announced...

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