MIT Sloan MBA Application Deadlines and Tips – 2019-2020

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MIT Sloan School of management has retained cover letter and self-introduction video, for the application season 2019-20. The directions given for the video statement have changed this year. The candidates are also asked to talk about their past experiences and why MIT Sloan is the...

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What Does a Winning MBA Application Strategy Look Like Today?

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Many of you have probably heard about the decline in applications to US business schools. However, the booming job market and higher acceptance rates actually make it an excellent time to pursue an MBA degree. Find MBA‘s Seb Murray recently looked at what applicants should...

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Fine-tuning Your MBA Application Plan After an Early Rejection

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Yesterday, Wharton joined the growing list of schools to roll out the first round of rejections, releasing those not offered an interview. As round 1 decisions begin to roll in, many candidates are not receiving the news they had hoped for. While this is no...

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Can an MBA be tax deductible?

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Pursuing your MBA will be a huge expense, and so you will definitely want to save on taxes for the years you spend back in school, pursuing your dreams. While you’ll definitely want to take advantage of all the standard education credits available for students in...

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What are your odds of getting into a top MBA program?

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Getting into the top MBA schools is not easy: it requires lots of hard-work, patience, strategic planning and commitment. Top MBA programs not only look for solid academic performance but non-academic accomplishments and leadership skills as well. In evaluating an applicant’s test scores and grades,...

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7 Signs Stress at Work is Crushing Your Soul

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Unless you’re a Zen master yogi, everyone has occasional stress at work. But how can you tell whether what you’re feeling is garden variety workplace frustration, or a more serious depression? Scan these seven red flags to help you evaluate if your job is sucking...

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How to Ace the Columbia Leadership Essay

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Columbia’s prompts are somewhat straightforward compared to other schools of its caliber, and the third essay is no exception. Here’s the prompt: Who is a leader you admire, and why? (250 words) The first challenge with a traditional prompt like this is avoiding a traditional answer. There...

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Duke Fuqua Rattles MBA World with Exciting New Curriculum [Episode 335]

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Interview with Shari Hubert, Associate Dean of Admissions at Duke Fuqua [Show Summary] Shari Hubert, Associate Dean of Admissions at Duke Fuqua shares great information about major curriculum and programmatic changes the school is going through and why. Learn about Duke Fuqua's unique location, curriculum and program...

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8 Things MBA Applicants Should Do After Submitting Their Applications

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Within twelve hours I heard the same question from three clients, so I suppose this question may be on the minds of more than three. The question that may be plaguing you too, is this: “Now that I’ve submitted my applications, what should I do?” Well,...

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Chicago Booth Executive MBA Essay Tips & Deadlines [2019 – 2020]

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Chicago Booth EMBA gives you just one mandatory essay, but with ample space to make your case holistically. This approach to the essay question indicates that they are looking for people who can organize their thoughts, build a credible and compelling case for their candidacy, and...

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