Face the Challenge of Round 3 Business School Applications

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This post originally appeared on Stacy’s “Strictly Business” MBA Blog on U.S.News.com Round three is the most competitive one at most business schools, since the vast majority of acceptances happen in the first two rounds. If you weren’t able to apply earlier because you were busy...

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Help! I’m intimidated by math on the GMAT

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I'm trying to develop a study plan for the GMAT, but am completely intimidated by all of the math I'll need to know.

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GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 23)

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Math If 5 noble knights are to be seated at a round table, then how many different ways can they be seated? A. 120 B. 96 C. 60 D. 35 E. 24 Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer - E - (click and drag your mouse to see the answer) GMAT Daily Deals GMAT below...

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How to Ace Your Team Based Interview [4 Tips for the Big Day]

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Last week we shared our tips for preparing for Team Based Interviews. Today we’re going to move forward and offer 4 tips for acing the interview itself: 1. Don’t be confrontational. This is not a debate in which you’re trying to score points. It’s not Crossfire....

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Popular Stanford GSB Course on Female Entrepreneurship Offers Lessons for All

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The men who take a Stanford Graduate School of Business course on female entrepreneurship do so for the eye-opening exposure to some of the down-and-dirty aspects of starting your own business. Learning about the strategic and business challenges of entrepreneurship is great, but what about...

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4 Tips for Team Interviews

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Since so much of b-school life and learning includes team discussions, the adcom needed a tool for assessing how applicants will fit in the team-based discussion culture of their programs. Thus, the Team-Based Discussion (TBD) was born. In team-based interviews, applicants need to use a different...

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London Business School Master In Finance 2015 Essay Tips

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The relatively short LBS MFin essay questions, together, convey the adcom’s interest in both who you are and how you envision and plan your career. Given that your classmates will be experienced finance professionals (the average work experience is six years), it’s important to deliver...

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GMAT Question of the Day (Feb 20)

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Math If is an integer, what is the value of ? (1) (2) Question Discussion & Explanation Correct Answer -...

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Is my GMAT/GRE score "good enough"?

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The following post was prepared by Kim Carter, a senior admissions consultant with The MBA Exchange. Kim completed her MBA at the Ross School of Business at the University of Michigan on a full-tuition merit-based fellowship.    The GMAT/GRE is probably the most stress-inducing aspect of the...

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"Finding your Kind" among MBA programs

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We are very pleased to share this guest post by Pauline Jennett, Master Admissions Consultant at The MBA Exchange and former associate director of admissions at HBS.   I was recently talking with a colleague in my education doctoral program about her process when choosing between the undergraduate programs...

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