Business Schools Fear Immigration Policy Could Affect MBAs

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Could Trump’s proposed policies affect international MBAs? Policy changes to U.S. immigration might affect prospective MBAs overseas, a new class of students arrive at a top-ranked Midwestern business school, and worries still linger long after the Paris terrorist attack. Here’s what’s trending on the business school...

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An MBA Curriculum in One Online Course

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EXPARTUS MBA Admissions Massive Open Online Courses, or MOOCs, put forward a radical idea when they hit the scene a few years ago: take all the material from a course and put it online so anyone with an internet connection can learn from home. Now, a...

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College Students, Recent Grads Interested in Business: London is Calling!

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Over the last ten years we have seen a lot more options in graduate management education. I’ve highlighted some on previous shows like the recent shows we have had on the CEMS Masters in International Management or UVA’s MS in Global Commerce or MIT’s MS in Business...

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GMAT Question of the Day (November 17)

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Math In a game of chess, the moves of whites and blacks alternate with whites having the first move. During a certain chess tournament whites have made 2319 moves altogether while blacks have made 2315 moves. If in any game the side that made the last...

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5 Ways to Know If a JD/MBA Is Right For You

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Many schools offer combination JD/MBA degrees where students can complete both degrees in four years (as opposed to 3 years for a JD and 2 for an MBA). While the idea is tempting – if you are getting one degree, why not get two? –...

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GMAT Memorization Trick: Mnemonic Devices

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In theory, the GMAT is meant to measure skills, ranging from analytical writing to critical reasoning, that have been developed over a long period of time. That ‘long period of time’ for most people equates to two decades of foundational education.

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GMAT Question of the Day (November 16)

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Math If working together, brothers Tom and Jack can paint a wall in 4 hours, how much time would it take Jack to paint the wall alone? (1) Jack is painting twice as fast as Tom. (2) If Tom painted twice as fast as he actually does, the...

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Exit Poll: What is the HBS Interview Really Like?

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You can read about each school’s interview process all over the internet, and we can tell you from our experience what it’s like all day long. However, what we’ve found is that applicants really appreciate hearing first-hand from someone who is still sweating from the...

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5 Ways to Differentiate Between Similar MBA Programs

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A cursory look at business school websites/marketing materials may have you thinking that they all look the same, but once you know which elements to look at, you’ll find that each school is quite unique in its offerings. Once you determine what you’re looking for,...

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Seats Filling up at the Chicago Booth Webinar

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Don’t miss out on the important advice that will propel you above the competition and into your seat in the upcoming class at Chicago Booth! So here's what you need to do: 1. Go here: and register for the webinar. 2. Mark your calendar for Wednesday, November...

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