GMAC Sounds the Alarm Over Immigration Restrictions and the Global Race for Talent

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Last week, the Graduate Management Admission Council (GMAC) unveiled Early Warning Signals: Winners and Losers in the Global Race for Talent. This comprehensive report examines the role immigration plays in fueling the productivity and growth of global economies. It also looks at the need to...

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Encore: Focus on Fit in Admissions [Episode 334]

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I am taking time off for family this week, and as a result I decided to air an encore of one of our most popular shows ever, Focus on Fit. I chose it not only because of its popularity, but because the topic is relevant to...

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Harvard, Stanford & Wharton Essays: From Strategy To Story

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The application essays for Harvard, Stanford, and Wharton represent your best opportunity to prove you fit at each institution while setting yourself apart from other talented applicants. Tell a great story in the written applications, and you just might earn the chance to tell it...

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Some Essay-Writing Resources For Ya!

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Essays, essays, essays. One of the (if not THE) biggest pieces of your application, and the place where you get to show the adcom who you really are.  Sometimes, understanding the prompt, finding the right story, writing, re-writing, editing, and all that jazz can make the...

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Interview Advice for Wharton MBA Applicants

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Every year, top business schools receive thousands of applications for admission, but they only admit an average of 25% of those who apply. The story is no different at the University of Pennsylvania’s Wharton School.  Here, about half of all applicants are interviewed, but less...

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How Personal is Too Personal?

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The personal statement serves as a terrific opportunity to share with admissions committees an interesting and unique aspect of your life. How much should you tell, and how much is too much? When I applied to college, I wrote a personal statement describing some challenging family...

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What is the Chicago Booth Adcom Looking For?

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Chicago Booth’s adcom wants to understand your goals, and they want to see that you’re a great fit for their program. If “fit” sounds like a vague concept to you, you’re not alone. That perplexing word is one reason why we’ve created our webinar, Get Accepted to...

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Chicago Booth Class of 2021 Profile

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Here’s a look at the Chicago Booth Class of 2021, taken from the Chicago Booth website: Length of program: 21 monthsReceived job offers within 3 months of graduation: 98.4%Student-led groups: 70+Leadership effectiveness & development (LEAD): 1 required courseNumber of courses per quarter: 3-4Class size: 593Average GPA: 3.6GPA range: 2.7-4.0Average student age: 28Countries represented: 49U.S. minority students: 27% (Includes...

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HBS Conducts Student Survey on MBA Rankings

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The fact that Harvard Business School jockeys for the top spot in all major rankings will surprise no one. But how much weight do HBS admits give those rankings when finalizing their target school list? HBS seeks answers to this question in a survey on...

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How to Use Powerful Details to Create Strong Essays

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To really draw your readers into your goal-focused essay, you’re going to want to lay the scene for your future accomplishments. After all, what better way to convince the adcom of your ambitions than to illustrate them in your essay? First, identify your goal. When you begin...

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