So, You’re Applying to Business School with a Low GPA or GMAT Score?

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You want to apply to business school, but you may be holding back because you’re worried about your low numbers–an unimpressive GPA or GMAT/GRE score. Don’t worry – this is NOT the end of the world! This post will define what “low” really means, help...

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GMAT Test Dates | 2021, 2022, 2023 and Beyond!

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With the COVID-19 still a concern in 2021, in-person GMAT test dates are limited, but at-home options are available—and will be permanently available going forward. In this post, we’ve covered some more vital information about the GMAT test dates for 2021—read on to find...

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How to Understand Your GMAT Percentiles

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How can you turn test scores and section scores into GMAT score percentiles? And what about GMAT Quant score percentiles and Verbal score percentiles? Don’t worry—we’ve got all the info you need to know to understand your score. First off, your total GMAT score ranges...

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HBS: 5 Things You Need to Know Before You Apply

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Applying to HBS this year? Those essays giving you night sweats? Not sure how to stand out from the crowd of impressive applicants? Take a breath. The key to HBS (or any b-school, for that matter) is understanding what the school’s about. So what is HBS all...

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Personal MBA Coach’s 5 Month MBA Application Timeline

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The first Round 1 deadline is likely just 5 months away. Follow Personal MBA Coach's 5-month MBA application timeline to make the most of your time!

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Negotiating MBA Scholarships – It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask (Politely and Humbly, That Is)

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If you were lucky enough to emerge from the Round 2 business school application process with one or more acceptances in hand, congrats! It was competitive year, made even more challenging by the inability to visit and network with schools in person. A subset of you...

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B-Schooled Podcast Episode #50: 5 Paths Forward if You’ve Been Dinged Everywhere

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While some MBA hopefuls are still waiting to hear the results of their Round 2 efforts and others who applied in Round 3 or were waitlisted still have their fates up in the air, the application process has unfortunately come to a disappointing end for...

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MBA Admit Weekend Tips

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Are you an MBA candidate who has received multiple offers of admission to business school this season? If so, you’re probably weighing where to spend the next two years of your life—not to mention hundreds of thousands of dollars. That’s where the MBA admit weekend...

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The Power of Giving Thanks in the MBA Admission Process

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I still have the thank you note from the first student I admitted to Penn in 1990 (pictured here). It means a lot to me. Then, because it allowed me to see that I was someone that students could trust. And now, because it reminds...

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Mitigating a Red Flag in the MBA Application

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Nobody likes drawing attention to their past mistakes, academic or otherwise. But when applying for a seat at a competitive business school,  not addressing an apparent red flag does more harm than good. Being upfront about your foibles can go a long way toward minimizing...

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